Fans Walk Out and Demand Their Money Back At A Octavia Spencer Book Signing

Posted on April 7, 2015


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Actress Octavia Spencer shocked and angered hundreds of fans at a recent book signing,  acting like an “ungrateful bitch,” say eyewitnesses who were so angry with her behavior they stormed out and demanded refunds.

Spencer, 44, who won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Minnie Jackson in ‘The Help,’ and is currently starring in the film ‘Insurgent,’ was at Barnes & Noble bookstore at The Grove in Los Angeles to autograph copies of her children’s book “Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective — The Sweetest Heist in History.”

But before the night was over people were dragging their kids out of line, demanding refunds on the books and stormed out of the store in disgust.

Octavia was mean, rude and horrible to everyone,” former fan Angel Guzman explained to reporters. “Initially, there was a Q & A session, but Octavia acted like she was forced to be there and she took her anger out on all of us, including the kids.”

Octavia’s answers were short and blunt and there were times she rolled her eyes to the back of her head like she couldn’t believe someone could ask such a stupid question. It quickly became a very uncomfortable situation for all of us,” says Guzman. “It was clear they just needed to proceed to the autographs because Octavia was not responding well at all to the questions.”

Octavia was scheduled to autograph her books from 7-9pm, but she was complaining the moment she arrived about the space they put her in, the “tiny glass of water” she was given, that her feet were hurting so she took a long bathroom break, leaving everyone to wonder if she left or not.

Octavia was acting like a diva. She was mad because the event coordinator gave her a small glass of water, but she wanted a large liter of ‘good water’ and demanded to know why she was being treated this way,” Guzman continued.

“All of this happened in front of everyone who has been standing there for at least an hour, with their restless kids, waiting for her to show up. Octavia didn’t acknowledge the crowd in any way; she just showed up and started to complain. But when the she finally started to sign the books is when things went from bad to worse.”

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Ordinarily, celebrities allow their fans to take a picture with them at these book signings, but Octavia said no touching, no coming around the table to take a picture with her and she also refused to have small talk with anyone — just give her the book to sign and keep it moving.

And she didn’t even want to ask the customer their name, they had to tell the assistant standing nearby, who then wrote it on a sticky pad and handed it to Octavia, who then signed the book and slid it over to the edge of the table for pickup, like it was a fast food window, fans said.

After watching Octavia being abrupt and rude to several people one woman grabbed her 8-year-old and stormed off yelling, “This woman is an ungrateful, nasty bitch! I’m getting a refund on this stupid book. If she talked to me or my child like that it would get really ugly in here so it’s best we get our money back and go home before something jumps off.”

“After several more encounters with her audience, a man approached with an 8X10 photo of Octavia for her to sign, but she was clearly furious and said, ‘I’m NOT doing that,” Guzman said. “The guy was devastated, saying he bought it specifically for that day, that he was a big fan and he promised he would not post it on any social media outlets but she didn’t care — she said ‘absolutely, not.’”

“And boy, that was it. The crowd started to leave in droves and went directly to the counter to get refunds for the books.”

Another eyewitness told reporters “I just left, who does she think she is anyway — Elizabeth Taylor? I could not believe how rude she was to all of those people who were there to support her.”

“When someone approached the table, Octavia demanded to see the receipt to prove they purchased the book before she would sign an autograph. It was outrageous — and insulting,” another eyewitness commented.