Shawn Bullard Nude Photos Leaked By Ex-Girlfriend That He Kicked To The Curb-Warning Adult Content!

Posted on April 6, 2015


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Shawn Bullard is the star of WeTV’s “Match Made In Heaven” show, which is basically dubbed as America’s First Black Bachelor. He’s also been featured as a Morning Wood on Obnoxious Media and after you take a peek at the photos a reader sent in along with her To a fellow blogger, you’ll see why his “wood” isn’t just for the morning time. 

Thanks to a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee for making me aware of this story!

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“I use to date Shawn Bullard and everything in our relationship was perfect until he began filming his reality show.  He initially said that this was a great opportunity that he was going to take full advantage of for his businesses and that I had nothing to worry about. Things definitely changed once he started filming and getting attention from the THOTS on his show.  I’m brokenhearted and  just tired of these men not keeping it real. I really fell for Shawn and to add insult to injury he ends up picking one of those show THOTS over me…REALLY Shawn????!!! He played with my heart and although I never thought I’d have to resort to something like this…oh well KARMA IS A B****!  We exchanged SEVERAL nudes during our courting and he better be thankful that this is all I’m letting out…4 NOW!  Play on Shawn and I’ll let the world see you in action from the explicit videos we filmed together too!!!!  Pay attention to his tat in pics that confirms without a doubt that this  is indeed Shawn Bullard.”