Preachers Of Detroit Bishop Corletta Vaughn’s Husband Gilbert Vaughn And A Church Elder Accused Of Beating And Sexually Molesting Young Boys 

Posted on April 6, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Preachers Of Detroit is getting messier and messier as the cast falls by the waste side one by one.  Special thanks to a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee for getting this information to me.  Bishop Corletta Vaughn has been called out on Facebook by a former member for abuse and her son being molested.  The former member named Prophetess Rain Mackey goes hard about Corletta’s husband Gilbert beating her son.  Obviously upset that Corletta is on TV perpetrating a fraud and really does not need the attention of TV, but some medical attention.

Corletta, the. I shop of about twenty people, according to insiders, has some serious life issues that need to be addressed rather then her championing the cause of Women Being In Ministry.  Serious family issues with a out of control dope dealing grandson and a husband that tries to get out from around her every chance he gets.  This women the perfect example of why do not need to be in ministry personified!  Corletta Vaughn’s family is in shambles, her part-time roommate she is calling a husband, she is extremely emotional, and she pastoring a church full of empty pews.  This woman in those dated St. John suits might need to have a seat.  

According to Prophetess Rain Mackey’s Facebook post (below) Gilbert Vaughn abused her son physically.  It seems Gilbert beat the boy like a Hebrew Slave and he had to go the the emergency room as a result.  Mackey goes on to state that one of Bishop Corletta Vaughn’s by the name of lanes is currently serving time in prison for molesting her son at church during service.  

Read screenshots of Prophetess Rain Mackey’s Facebook post below: