Reality Show Preachers Of Atlanta Is Officially In Production 

Posted on April 5, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Just when some may have thought the popular franchise was taking a break and focusing on the Preacher’s of Detroit and the Preacher’s of LA yesterday Oxygen Network released, “Preacher’s of Atlanta” is coming! This franchise is one we can say, “really” took the church world by storm!

It was one of the most talked about and watched shows in the history of Oxygen Network, needless to say, that’s why the third installation has been picked up. Produced by, L. Plummer Media in association with Releve Entertainment which Lemuel Plummer, Holly Carter, Chris Costine and Mark Scheibal are serving as Executive Producers.

The Atlanta cast and show will document the lives of some of the city’s young, elite, yet considered mega Pastors. The plan is to focus on the daily struggles, triumphs, married life, single life and the ministry of the leaders. Oxygen has NOT released the names of the official cast, but given we are based in Atlanta we have a good idea of who could be some great potentials for this show….hmmm….

  • Canton Jones is a big name that resides in the ATL
  • Marquis Boone is a young and very well known pastor in the city
  • Edward Long, Jr. the son of Bishop Eddie L. Long, Sr. is a well known young pastor in the city
  • LeAndria Johnson resides in the city and has an amazing following check out her numbers on social media, youtube, etc

The above names Obnoxious Media does not agree all will be good, but was shared with us by a fellow blogger.

I mean the city has many young, elite leaders these are just to name a few. We will keep our eyes and ears open to see who the, “official cast” is. When all is said and done Atlanta has a reputation of producing great record breaking numbers in reality TV. As much as this franchise is loved to be hated…time is about to tell will Preacher’s of Atlanta break history for the franchise!

Now insiders have shared with Onnoxious Media that original talks with Rev. Jasper Williams and his son Joe along with E. Dewy Smith, but it seems that Dewy backed out due to his relationship with the Black Pope TD Jakes.  However, Atlanta has a number of sleaze bag pastors that would be perfect like Gregory Pollard, Andre Landers and many others.  Bishop Paul Morton, Bishop Oliver Clay Allen (openly homosexual pastor), Junaita Bynum, Bernice King would also be a good choice.

Now let me, Mr. Obnoxious state this for the record!  This show and the producers seem that’ve tried to ignore me the famous Blogger known for calling out preachers and exposing their ratchet behavior and they seem to overlook me.  Almost every cast member of Preachers Of LA have appeared in my blog now the same is for Detroit.  So let me see if they think they are going to roll into my town and ignore me again!  I do not think so!

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