“Preachers Of Detroit” Bishop Charles Ellis Comes Close To Being Removed As The Presiding Bishop of Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) For Agreeing To Be On Reality TV Show Without Church Approval 

Posted on March 22, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, but The Word Of God,,,,,,OMG!!! What on on Earth is really going on with Bishop Charlers H. Ellis, III?  It has been brought to our attention at Obnoxious Media some time ago that it was some serious rumors that the bishops in Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) wanted to oust Ellis as their Presiding Bishop because of his desire to seek fame and fortune by being on Reality TV which would greatly take his focus from leading the denomination.  Additionally, it is reported that Ellis did not think enough of his Executive Board of Bishops to consult with them nor ask their permission to do the show. Ellis is said to not have made the body aware until after he signed the contract. Members of my Obnoxious Street Committee said Ellis did it in that manner because he was aware the group had very serious reservations about fellow PAW Bishop Noel Jones participation in Preachers Of LA.  

Finally, Obnoxious Media obtained proof that it was a serious shake up going down among the PAW bishops and Ellis has no one to blame, but himself. Now the Executive Board of Bishops for PAW have some serious questions about Ellis‘ judgement and leadership ability if he wants to be on a reality show more than he wants to serve God. The distinguished group of gentlemen met last week in Memphis for the specific reason to decide what to do about Ellis. It was decided to release a disclaimer denouncing any participation of any of the PAW bishops or pastors that choose to be on any reality television show.  Bishop Ira Combs of Jackson, Michigan, was leading the campaign to oust Ellis. During a nearly two and a half hour conversation with Bishop Combs he explained that he did not want to actually impeach Bishop Ellis, but have him suspended while he participated with Preachers Of Detroit and while episodes of the show aired with him included.  Bishop Combs first ran aganist Bishop Ellis so he would not have won a second term and the issue would have been easily resolved.  However, Bishop Combs was not successful, but that was prior to the Executive Board’s knowledge Bishop Ellis had agreed to be on Preachers of Detroit.  Bishop Combs raised very valid concerns, which included Bishop Ellis receiving a salary from the PAW while also working and being paid to be on a reality show that is embarrassing to the church, at best,

Bishop Ira Combs stated that if the board knew what they know now he would have won the election aganist Bishop Ellis. He expressed his great disappointment in Bishop Ellis and his confidence in him as his leader: He was clear that he should be out. Based upon his conversation with Suffragan Bishop Noel Jones, who admitted it was a great mistake for him to have agreed to be on Preachers of LA and stated that if he had it to do all over again he would have never done the show.  Bishop Combs went on to share that Noel told him he was practically lied to about what he thought the show would have been all about when he signed up for the show.  However, that is hard to believe based upon his relationship with the executive producers.  Rumor has it that Noel has lost over 50 percent of his speaking engagements after being on the show.

Obnoxious Media is not sure if it was his being on the show or the revelation of his questionable and ratchet lifestyle being revealed on television.  Most likely it was having a bastard child and a girlfriend for seventeen years that does not even know the Bible Verse John 3:16 by heart.  Loretta (a common church whore) is well kept for keeping her mouth shut for years and even humiliating herself on national television by accepting Noel to just drag her along without marrying her. Now back to Bishop Ellis and his Micky Mouse Donald Duck judgement would agree to the show after he was aware the issues PAW had with Noel Jones being on the show. No wonder you do not and will never hear Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) associated with Preachers of LA or Preachers of Detroit or any other reality show.

“It is obvious that Bishop Ellis‘ focus is elsewhere instead on the things of God and leading our church,”Bishop Combs explained.

Members of the Executive Board of Bishops asked him to back off requesting a suspension of Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III as presiding bishop out of fear it would cause a major scandal and bring more embarrassment to the PAW church than Ellis already had by agreeing to be a cast member.  He does think now it would easily pass the same way the disclaimer passed in Memphis with a unanimous decision and even a vote in favor by Bishop Ellis, himself.  Over seventy bishops met to vote and discuss their concerns with Bishop Ellis being on the show.  Bishop Combs also discussed how Ellis has a sense of entitlement since he inherited everything from his father and he never successfully built anything of his own right.  Bishop Ellis‘ fate remains to be seen as the show progresses will determine if the Executive Borad of Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) take further action against their Presiding Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III.

Read Bishop Ira Combs letter aganist Bkshop Ellis and the Executive Board of Bishops of the Penacostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) Disclaimer below: