E. Dewey Smith Calling On God For Angie Stone’s Peace And Deliverance In Her Home 

Posted on March 18, 2015



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According to Public Relations department for Motehouse Brother E. Dewey Smith he had a special member come to the alter for prayer.  R&B singer Angie Stone request prayer after the Hell she had been through the week before after being arrested for an altercation with her daughter.  The reality television star made national headlines, but her calling on God only appeared on her pastor’s public relations department blog.   Not sure if Dewey exploited the situation a little bit by letting the word out that Angie is a member and sought him out for prayer or if the post was actually genuine.  Whatever the case we are glad that Angie is calling on God to fit the situation in her dysfunctional family.

Read E. Dewey Smith’s Public Relations Department post below:

The House of Hope Atlanta where the Senior Pastor is Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. was just that yesterday, “A House of Hope”! The service was in high gear from the beginning with praise and worship being led by fellow Morehouse Brother and rolling right into Dr. Smith preaching a message at 7 a.m. entitled, “I had to go through it” and the 10:15 a.m. message was, “The secret to your joy” from Psalms 16.

After preaching the two very profound messages, Dr. Smith was closing the service and opened the opportunity for one of his college students that had a stroke a year ago to share her testimony how she is still here. Well, that testimony started a move of God that left few dry eyes in the house! Angie Stone the world renowned singer came forward and asked the church to be in prayer for her and her daughter.

She shared how people often forget that celebrities are human too and live real lives. Her transparency and brokenness led the church into an ole school revival! The 10:15am Sunday morning service at The House of Hope Atlanta is normally over by 12:30pm yesterday the service did not end until 2:15 p.m. The people kept coming forward to give their testimonies about how their lives have changed since being at The House of Hope Atlanta and Dr. Smith let them come until every person that wanted to testify had testified. The prayer, testimonies and praise in the building allowed most to leave the service with a renewed reminder that God is still in the miracle working business! Hear Angie’s prayer request below:


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