“Preachers Of Detroit” Bishop Charles Ellis Issues Response To Allegations Of Coruption At Greater Grace  

Posted on March 17, 2015


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Bishop Charles Ellis has issued a statement in response to Dyamond Moore’s going public with her allegations that there is corruption in Greater Grace Church. It is not clear why she was released from serving as an adjutant or

the issue that she addressed in a meeting that got her axed; however, Bishop Ellis letter is confirmation of some of the very claims made by Dyamomd. It seems that he tells her that she can serve in some other capacity, just not him nor his wife. Also he responds in the same nicety (nice nasty) fashion as Dana, which makes it clear where she learned such uncouthed behavior. His time at the church is not important as the issue at hand and why the young lady went public. Sadly, Bishop Ellis manipulates scripture that references reconciliation in marriage.

Lastly, as the pastor and presiding bishop closes his letter by throwing a so called daughter of his ministry under the bus by revealing his countless times of counseling the young lady who she did not see fit to let to him in this instance – confirms the accusations, in a piss poor response, that the church operates similar to a cult.

Read Bishop Charles Ellis letter below: 

From Charles H Ellis,

I find it expedient to address a very troubling and inappropriate statement by one of the “daughters of this house” labeling our church and a leader within as CORRUPT due to the fact that she was released from serving in our “Armor Bearers Ministry.”

Unfortunately this statement was broadcast to the world through the medium of social media and has attracted a certain level of confusion. First, let me begin by thanking the Lord that in our 88 years as a church institution, we have never been proven to be associated with schemes, scams, scandals and God forbid corruption (to God be the glory).

Secondly, we should all remember that there are no entitlements for any of US when it comes to serving in the church. I continually insist that each of us owes God more than our financial stewardship. We must utilize our godly gifts and talents in the kingdom and therefore I encourage you to get involved in the auxiliaries of the church (which number approx. 250) that will benefit from your expertise. That being said, it should be understood that we serve at the pleasure of the governing leadership of the church, and also that our service should always be as unto the Lord.

In this case it was determined by the appropriate leadership of this auxiliary that this young lady’s service was no longer needed. She was not, and has not been “put out” of the church and is free to request to serve in any of our other auxiliaries. Let’s be clear … only I can remove someone from membership at our church (for the appropriate reasons of course), and in the 19 years of my Pastorate these unfortunate decisions have only occurred with 5 individuals.

Thirdly, no leadership is perfect and without flaws and we are always training our leaders on how to handle delicate concerns in a tactful and godly manner. Yes, there are times when things could and should have been handled differently but in our humanity we all make mistakes. However, this is a Bible believing church and how ironic it is that we are actually reading through the entire Bible this year. If we as children of God would simply use the scriptures as our guide when we feel offended, misused and/or abused, it would lead us to a path of proper resolution, reconciliation and unity as opposed to chaos, confusion and conflict. The word of God speaks to the offended and offender (Matthew 5:23-24, Mark 11:25-26 & Hebrews 12:14).

Lastly, for 55 years my father and I have endeavored to be Pastors with a heart for the people of God and this ministry. We have on a weekly basis set aside office and counseling time to be available for your needs. This particular young lady has met with me on many occasions for various reasons. I cannot answer as to why she has not called the office for an appointment to discuss something as serious to her as this, but rather to “air” her grievance with one of our leaders in such a public manner.

Let me ask you not to participate in this public discussion as it does not serve the purpose of ministry nor reconciliation. My office is continually open to address the needs of this young lady and as well as any of you in our membership. Let us continue to love her and everyone with the love of the Lord. It remains our Christian duty!

I Love You To Life,

Bishop Charles H. Ellis III 
GGT Senior Pastor