Rihanna Is A Bajan Beauty In Vogue China

Posted on March 14, 2015



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As we patiently wait for another album from Rihanna we’ll just have to let these haute shots hold us over. Is there a look this Bajan beauty can’t pull of??? No. She’s rocking Dior couture with such ease.

Check out RiRi giving geisha girls a run for their money inside the pages of Vogue China.  Photography by Chen Man.

rihanna-harpes-bazaar-china-april-2015-photos01 rihanna-harpes-bazaar-china-april-2015-photos02 rihanna-harpes-bazaar-china-april-2015-photos03 rihanna-harpes-bazaar-china-april-2015-photos04 rihanna-harpes-bazaar-china-april-2015-photos05 rihanna-harpes-bazaar-china-april-2015-photos06

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