Obnoxious Report!  According To Fellow Blogger Married To Medicine, Lisa-Nicole’s Husband (Dr. Darren Naugles) Gay

Posted on March 13, 2015



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OMG!  We have to give it up to Quiten, The Funky Deniva for this hot stor here!  Now I fist met Lisa Cloud some years ago when she relocated to Atlanta to continue to build her FiveLinks empire that was drying up fast in D.C.  It was rumors then, but we never got any proof.  Well, it seems that out fellow blogger extraodniar was able to get to the bottom of the issue so this is some hot news for the Obnoxious Report!

As The Real Housewives of Atlanta get’s ready to wind down, it’s time that we gear up forMarried to Medicine, or how I like to call them, ‘The Medicine Wives.” Atlanta is only but so big. The entertainment circles here are even smaller. I’ve been getting pulled to the side at parties, receiving phone calls, and getting an earful of exclusive tea from cast members for the last 8 months. Truthfully, after what I experienced as a result of my involvement with the whole Quad & Mariah debacle, I chose to stay away from reporting on any of it [Married To Medicine Reunion Filming RIGHT NOW! The REAL REASONS Quad & Mariah Fell Out]. I WANTED NO PARTS OF THE BULLSH!T.

Moving right along to the filming of season 3, there was an altercation that took place between Quad and Lisa-Nicole, where Quad’s face got cut with a glass as a result of Lisa-Nicole throwing it. At that time, the details of the altercation where vague at best, but The Dollhas the real tea on it now [Married To Medicine’s Quad & Lisa-Nicole Get Into Glass Throwing Altercation. But Why???]. Nessa girl, you are going to gag when I tell you why it is Quad and Lisa got into a physical altercation down to da restaurant, but bish, you are really going to gag when I tell you what the folks are saying about this lady’s husband.

The headline gives away the crux of this article, but the drama, tea, and conspiracy theory will leave you speechless. Girl we got pictures and ALL!!!!


It’s been a while since we’ve talked about The Medicine Wives, so let me catch you guys up to speed real quick so all of this makes sense.

The fight between Quad and Lisa Nicole

At the end of season 2, Quad and Lisa-Nicole were friends. Prior to the filming of the season 2 reunion, Lisa-Nicole allegedly ran background checks on all the ladies in an effort to prepare herself for any attacks at the reunion. Lisa’s former assistant shared this information with Quad and the other ladies. Feeling “some kinda way”, Quad allegedly hired a private investigator to dig into Lisa’s background.


Cut to the altercation that Quad & Lisa had down to da restaurant [Married To Medicine’s Quad & Lisa-Nicole Get Into Glass Throwing Altercation. But Why???]. When season 2 began filming, I’m being told that Quad was really feeling some kind of way about Lisa-Nicole, and her motives for running 300110014background checks on the cast. In short, Quad felt like Lisa’s intentions were ill in nature. The two ladies were brought together  to speak about all this background check nonsense down to the restaurant. What was leaked at the table as a result of Quad’s private investigator’s findings is what led to the fight.

Well, the story goes, the two ladies were both taking digs at one another at the table on an array of subjects. Quad hit Lisa with a one-two punch when she revealed that the private investigator found an open child support case against Lisa’s husband Dr. Darren Naugles in California during the time of their marriage. In short, what this information translates to is, Dr. Darren may have potentially cheated on Lisa-Nicole and fathered another child out in California somewhere. They people say THIS is when Lisa-Nicole snapped. Y’all know the rest from here. Glasses and fist were thrown etc. Ok so that’s the tea on the altercation down to da restaurant.

The dust had settled from the glass throwing incident, and things were quiet in Atlanta aboutThe Medicine Wives for quite some time. Then out of nowhere, BAM, rumors start swirling all around town that Lisa-Nicole’s husband is gay, he was in a relationship with this boy for XYZ amount of months, and Lisa had partial knowledge to all of this. Chile, when I first heard it, I ain’t gonna lie, I sat right there and ate it all up, but I didn’t bit more believe any of it. I still half don’t. Calling a light-skinned man with a texturizer kit in his head gay is such a lazy read. It’s so easy and predictable. “Come with something better” is what I was thinking.

As time passed by, more and more people were talking. The gossip was everywhere. Frankly speaking, I couldn’t attend any of these lil bootleg Atlanta social events without escaping the gossip. I continued to sit on all of it and take it all in. I’m now going to lay it all out there and be sure to distinguish the facts, from the gossip, from my opinion.

7c180edfdef0982506087bfcc737141e24ea91225a0972f25e9a9b8b36d5c6f5Gossip: Lisa-Nicole’s former assistant made mention to other cast members that Lisa has had her own doubts about her husband being gay.

Fact: I’ve been personally told this by several people

My Opinion: I really don’t know what woman in her right mind would tell another person that she think’s her husband may be a fruit cake.

Gossip: Lisa-Nicole’s husband, Dr. Darren Naugles was allegedly involved in some sort of romantic relationship with this boy down below. Additionally, the boy has stepped to Lisa-Nicole at an event in Atlanta to divulge the extent of his relationship with her husband.

lisa nciole

married to med

photo 3photo 4

Fact: I was contacted by several people when the young man accosted Lisa Nicole

My Opinion: If Dr. Darren was fooling around with the male persuasion, I’d imagine he would have done a lot better than THIS!

Catch this dirt!


Gossip: Quad, Lisa-Nicole’s former assistant, and Quad’s camp are behind these rumors and paid the boy who is claiming he had a relationship with Dr. Darren to carry out a lie.

Fact: I’ve hear this on multiple occasions and has event said to Quad at a party that this is what the people are saying…

My Opinion: I HIGHLY doubt Quad has paid anybody to do anything. It’s really not that real. However, I’m sure Quad has indulged in the gossip and more than likely has gotten a great ki-ki out of helping to spread it too.


Gossip: Lisa-Nicole has cameras in her bedroom because she doesn’t trust her husband

Fact: I can’t confirm or deny, I ain’t never been to Lisa’s house.

My Opinion: She probably does. Hell, it’s more than obvious that infidelity has been one of the largest issues Lisa and Darren have had in their dealings with one another. Maybe not in their marriage, but definitely in their dealings with one another. It’s my opinion that Lisa still questions the location of Darren’s penis from time to time.  Hell, Darren said he use to cheat on Lisa left and right on one of the episodes…

Misc Married to Medicine Gossip

Gossip: Mariah was never pregnant in the first place to have a miscarriage, and it all was a ploy to garner some sort of storyline and gain camera time and relevancy. [Married to Medicine’s Mariah Huq Miscarries Twins. #Fix ItJesus]

Fact: Anything is possible. It’s not like Mariah has not been caught lying in the past

My Opinion: I honestly don’t have one. Miscarriages and things of that nature are no laughing matter. I want to think the highest of Mariah and would hope that she would never be that low down to make something like this up for the sake of garnering interest. 

So there it is y’all. Like I’ve said, The Atlanta streets have been busy hunty. Oh TRUST, there is some more tea, but I’ve got to sit on those pots and let them brew just a lil longer before I spill it!

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