Bishop Wiley Jackson Fires Sunday Best Contestant DeAngelo Levon Gardner Via E-mail And Refuses To Give Him His Final Paycheck

Posted on March 3, 2015


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……they say church has become big business and according to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee the saying holds true for Bishop Wiley Jackson and Gospel Tabernacle. Based upon screenshots of text messages and a e-mail DeAngelo Levon Gardner was recently terminated via e-mail by Wiley Jackson himself.

The Sunday’s Best contestant expressed his shock in a text message that Obnoxious Media has obtained. DeAngelo stated that he was not thought enough of by the bishop or his staff to get a phone call or to be called in for an exit interview. He went on to share his great sacrifice for the ministry by missing the birth of his youngest child to meet his obligation to the church.
However, that did not matter much at all to Bishop Wiley Jackson or his staff when it came to telling DeAngelo to “Hit The Road Jack!” Now if that is not enough, this guy will not even get his final paycheck. In a text message he was clearly told he was not owed any money and to not contact the person again. Cold treatment for so called church people at best.

DeAngelo there is a remedy that Bishop Wiley Jackson knows all to well–take him to court. Wiley Jackson was federally indicted and forced to pay back some money to former members that invested in a scam ran by the bishop. Hopefully they will do right by DeAngelo and at least pay him his final check for God sake. According to a recent post by DeAngelo on his Facebook page he could used the final check considering he showed he had no food in the refrigerator with a wife and two kids.

Checkout screenshots of the text messages and e-mail of DeAngelo being terminated and his response below:




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