WTF! NBA Star Dwight Howard Busted On Camera Grabbing His Teammates Gentiles

Posted on February 13, 2015


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WTF! The Obnoxious Street Committee has flooded me with this clip that has managed to go viral of NBA star Dwight Howard LAST NIGHT – grabbing one of his teammates PRIVATE PARTS. In fact, by the look of his teammate – he did NOT WANT Dwight to do that . . . so technically, Dwight Sexually ASSAULTED DUDE! Maybe or we all know Dwight plays a lot of jokes and this might just be some silly horseplay among friends. We are just saying!
Now it is common knowledge that athletes slap each other on the ass all the time, but this one takes it to a new level. Howard has three kids and three baby Momma’s so he might not be gay or is he? We do not know so do not kill the messenger!

MediaTakeOut calls it assault! LOL!

Wow – look at the video – there ain’t NO WAY for Dwight to explain his way out of this. The question is who will have the heart to address this matter and ask the guys just what was going on and if a brave reporter does will the NBA try to take their media access. However, it is kind of interesting to watch him grad the guy is such a manner in front of the entire world. Makes you wonder what would he do in private!
So what do you all have to say about this touchy feely stuff?

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