Obnoxious Is Sir William G. McCray, III

Posted on April 6, 2014


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Obnoxious Extreme Ratchet Behavior Exposed……Well, here I go as the subject to a post in my own blog. Pope L. Holden from Florence, California, if anyone knows him tell him I would like to interview him. The mindset of people that like to remain in the dark and do not like to discuss the hidden ills of church or society amazes me. You are mad because I tell the truth. Now my work comes with a price and all of you know last year the lawsuit and charges not to forget the alleged sex tape of me, which was laughable, was all to try to shut me down and shut me up. However, it did not work. I will not be quite and I do not care who does not like it. Truth will make you free!
Now if these low down and down low folks would stop doing what they do I would have nothing to report. Is so called saved people would live right I would have nothing to post. I do not see you getting mad at the local news or the newspaper in your city so why are you mad at me? Because I tell the truth and you do not like it. Shameful, but a reality. Obnoxious is a in your face thought provoking form of expression. It is a person, place, or thing that is undeniably and unobjectionablely hot and has to called out and exposed to popular eyes. It always is the essence of style, class, and intelligence. Obnoxious is Sir William G. McCray, III, my thoughts and views experience from church to the White House, from ratchet behavior to the Oscars, from the dark ills of the church to the joy of success, it is all Obnoxious.