Obnoxious Report: Rumor Has It That Atlanta Mayor Muhammad Kasim Reed Will Soon Be Father–Sources Inside City Hall Say He Has Two Different Women Pregnant Simultaneously

Posted on March 30, 2014


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Obnoxious Report……Word form several different sources are all saying close to the same about Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed soon to be a father of not one, but two children by two different women. The former entertainment attorney turned politician has always been rumored to be a bit of a ladies man. Making his mark in politics,

Kasim started out as a state representative and later a state senator and now elected to a second term as mayor of Atlanta. Now back we we all worked on Mayor Shirley Franklin’s first campaign and Kasim was the meager it was not uncommon for his pretty ladies friends to find a seat working for Shirley. The hot talk once was a rumored fight that two of his women got into over him. If these rumors are true Kasim has a little more in common with his Hip Hop friends then we thought.
Obnoxious Media disclaimer, the following are e-mails sent to us by a female that claims to have once dated the mayor. No one on the Obnoxious Media staff know if these rumors are true or false. Hold Obnoxious Media staff and all parties associated with out company harmless. We report on a number rumors and allegations of celebrities and high profile individuals.

Judge Terrienne Gundy Briggs pictured in green dress in the above photo
Read the e-mail that was sent to me below:

Mr. Obnoxious WTH is going on with Atlanta? Rumors are swirling all across the country that Mayor Kasim Reed has impregnated Atlanta socialite Sara Elizabeth Langford. Apparently the two of them were seen at a local OB/GYN office and Ms. Langford appears to be very pregnant. Sources at City Hall confirm she is 5 months pregnant and the Mayor has refused to marry her saying “I will not be tricked into marriage and I will not be marrying Sara.” The two have reportedly dated for the past 11 years. Who the hell dates someone for 11 years? As if it isn’t bad enough that Atlanta’s First Baby will be a bastard there are now rumors there are two babies. No they are not twins. Twins don’t come in separate wombs. Apparently the mother of the other baby is Judge Terrienne Gundy Briggs whom he appointed the the municipal bench in June 10, 2013. Music producer Shake Briggs is her former husband and he divorced her because he suspected she was cheating with the Mayor. Apparently Terrinee Briggs was boo’ed up with him around Thanksgiving 2011 for sure. Her buddy Christine White mouth can’t hold water. This is not a good look and sets a very bad example for young people across the city. I’m ashamed! The Mayor is a bastard and Atlanta should get ready this summer to welcome not one, but two Reed bastards to the world!

And there’s your tea Mr. Obnoxious just like you like it HOT and strong! Don’t burn yourself baby.

Mr. Obnoxious here is some more hot tea for you and no I am not sending you this information just because I was once smitten by Kasim, but because it tis true. Not here is some additionally information for you that you will find interesting.
Kevin “She’kspere” Briggs is an American record producer,[1] best known for producing the TLC #1 hit “No Scrubs” and various Destiny’s Childsongs from their best-selling album The Writing’s on the Wall. He also produced and co-wrote hits for Mariah Carey, Pink, Whitney Houston, and many others. According to Wikipedia.
Look up the divorce between him and Terrienne in the public records. You can see he was fucking her in 2011 and then appointed her judge in 2013. Conflict of interest there or something scandalous!
What about the reported questions about Sara Elizabeth’s past. There are several photos of the three of them at events. I saw one of them at Fantasia concert. Stacii Jai Johnson, remember she was arrested for drunk driving.
Also apparently Jovita Moore and her husband got a divorce over Kasim as well. I’m going to bed.

This hot story is yet developing……