Bishop Eddie Long Dedicates New Birth Oakland: Two Years After His Sex Scandal With Five Young Men And He Acts Like It Never Happen!

Posted on March 2, 2014


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word of God……Recently Bishop Eddie Lee Long was in Oakland, California to dedicate New Birth Oakland with his Spiritual Son Bishop Carl Smith. It was so hard for me to call this man Bishop until I do not know what to do! This man had not one, not two, but four lawsuits filed against him with a fifth coming forward that was included in the settlement with even filing. Now I do not know about you, but I do not know what kind of Jim Jones Kool Kid the folks at New Birth are drinking, but he seems to certainly have them under some type of influence. As the song goes I was once lost, but now I am found. I once was blind, but now I see. When an individual comes to Christ you are now longer ignorant, but that cannot be said for the people that currently choose to be members of New Birth. Now I think it is time for me to post the four lawsuits file against Bishop Trick Daddy Young Boy Bootie Licking Eddie Lee Long. You all need to read them again and hear how he groomed young needy boys to fall to his lost. He went as far as to have marriage like ceremonies with young men. This alleged predator even used The Word of God to his advantage to have the young men agree to be his. Often I wondered why so many men at New Birth Atlanta called Bishop Trick Daddy, “DADDY!” The same way most faggots refer to their loves. It was sick to me to have so many men wanting and claiming him as their “DADDY!” However, that is just what he was to them and if was not sexing them trust me they were certainly awaiting their opportunity.
It is common for men to pass numbers to other men. Make suggestive approaches in the bathroom and even go as far as to touch a piece they want to have in the so called House Of God known as New Birth. You all may not believe that it hurst me to write to you these ugly truths about that place because I to was a fan of Eddie Lee Long. Although, never a member of his church I admired him for the great edifice he had built for The Lord. Never before had I seen people rush to church like it was the next main event. Which is why this is so dishearting. Long has not been man enough to face the Body of Christ and address this matter, nor has he apologize for taking us through this horrific experience. He would rather insult our faith and ignore it like a coward. He does not have to admit that he likes to orally sodomize young men, even if all four said he did. He never has to say he had sex before and after service in his office. Nor does he have to give us an account for the number of guys he paid tuition to Morehouse College that I know for a fact and I can name names, times, dates, and places. The good bishop never has to admit that he takes pleasure in turning young guys out and then drops them like a bad habit after they reach adulthood. All he should do is say I am sorry that I took you all through this scandal.
Clearly he settled this case out of court and had the documents sealed due to his knowing he could not withstand the scrutiny of a public trial. Rumor has it that a total of $25 million dollars was paid to the young men to make this case go away. He choose not to fight because he must have known he could not win. It is awful and a down right shame when you think of all the great things you could do for the Kingdom of God with a hunk and a chunk of money like that bishop. A great number of Saints in need have been disappointed because they went to their church and could not get help, but his alleged male lovers got paid. With the same tongue he preaches with he sticks up the butts of so many.
Now if you odd not think Eddie is dirty and did these things sexually forget it. Just talk about the number of former members that sued him for coning them out of their money. Bishop Long knowing exposed his members to a crook for payment. What kind of pastor is that? Eddie recently settled that case out of court. If he takes money he will take young boy Bootie too. Do not forget this is the same man that lead a demonstration against same-sex marriage after he has married or conducted ceremonies with a great number of young men he claimed to be married too. The Bible say in the last days men would rather believe a lie rather than the truth that clearly is the case here. Seems that no one fears The Lord anymore, but keep up your ugly ways. Keep playing church and being a reproach and see what happens to you! There is a way that seems right unto a man, but at the end are the ways of death. Keep lying and cheating and see what happens to you. There is a highway and it is the way of Holiness. It is said that so many have been cut off suddenly and that without remedy. If you want to see Jesus you better live right. It will be a terrible thing to be on your bed of affliction while your soul hangs in a valance between Heaven and Hell!
Clearly it is something wrong with a man or men that willing submit to Eddie Long’s leadership and he has been busted so many times. I would not have Eddie Long dedicate my dog house let alone my church. I would have been scared that God would have killed everyone in the service. He would have to address the fore mention matters first. People seem to be blind to the Spirit of deception in the land today or they want to be deceived. It must be men that do the same types of things that Eddie does that would want to call him daddy or father. Men living in sin and shame putting on Holy garments making a mockery of God and no one says a word.

Apostle Eddie L. Long & Bishop Carl Smith at New Birth Oakland.

Pastor Stephen Davis – New Birth Birmingham and New Birth Birmingham at New Birth Oakland.

Bishop Carl Smith at New Birth Oakland.

Apostle Eddie Long, Bishop Carl Smith, Bishop Eric Garnes at New Birth Oakland.

Pre-service at New Birth Oakland.

Pre-service at New Birth Oakland.

Pre-service at New Birth Oakland.

Pre-service at New Birth Oakland.

Apostle Eddie L. Long delivers the word at New Birth Oakland.

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