Obnoxious Breaking News! Tyler Perry Gives $1 Million Dollars To Bishop TD Jakes Youth Center And Lays Hands On Him!

Posted on September 1, 2013



The stars turned out in huge numbers for Bishop TD Jakes MegaFest in Dallas, Texas. In a moving service today at the Potter’s House Tyler Perry had words and shared that he felt lead to give $113,000 dollars in a offering that Paula White asked for during Woman Thou Art Loosed, but he left his checkbook. However, he said the Lord spoke to him about giving $1 million dollars and during the service it was mentioned that exact amount was needed to build the Potter’s House Youth Center.
Almost preaching Tyler Perry testified that he has Jesus and that his mother did not have much to give him when he was growing up, but she taught him about the Lord. He shared that he was blessed because he is a giver and that he has to give to those that have blessed and poured into his life. Tyler spoke in unknown tongues and laid hands on Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes, who began to quicken under the power of God.
God bless Bishop Jakes and Tyler Perry!

I just had to include my recent photo with Tyler Perry so some of this blessing can rub off on me as well!