READ Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton’s Response To Bishop Neil Ellis Leaving Full Gospel–Paul Morton Has Admitted To Lying 40 Years About His Daughter Clearly He Will Lie About A Vote For Bishop!!!

Posted on August 21, 2013


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton responds to Bishop Neil Ellis’ letter of resignation and leaving the Full Gospel Fellowship. It is amazing that Paul Morton feels Joseph Walker is the right man for the job, but when he had a complete and total nervous breakdown some years back it was his wife and Ellis that held the Full Gospel Fellowship together until he was mentally able to return. Insiders said that Walker was promised the seat even prior to the vote and that some men had serious issues with the leader of Full Gospel being an American. According to Ellis‘ letter there has been some serious discussion about his not becoming the next presiding bishop that would not allow him to continue to serve. It is obvious that Paul Morton is a liar and has lied about his first born child for close to forty years, which was revealed in this very blog on a Wednesday and by the following Sunday he admitted the truth about his child. Therefore, you must realize that if he will lie about his child lying about the outcome of the vote for bishop is nothing.
Read Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton’s response even if it is not worth the sheet of paper it is written on below:

Watch Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton talk candidly about Illegitimate Bishops on The Lexi Show and at times it sounds like he is describing himself below:

What say you about this situation?