Charless Hardin, The Man Who Outed Gospel Singer Earnest Pugh, Dead At The Age 37!!!

Posted on June 9, 2013


Mr. Obnoxious was shocked to learn of the passing of Carless Hardin, who has appeared in Obnoxious during the many stories about Gospel Recording Artist Earnest Pugh. Below you will find the obituary of Carless Hardin.
Carless Due Juan Hardin, 37, Atlanta, Ga., died May 30, 2013. He was born December 1, 1975, to Deacon Armandus Jerome and Deaconess (deceased) Zreeta Alfordine Hardin.
Apostle Carless D. Hardin is a native of Evansville, attended the EVSC schools and Central High School class of 1994. He is also a product of his mentor and former Pastor “The Great” Dr. Rev. W.R. Brown Sr. (deceased), of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church. In 1998, he graduated from Lane College with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in English, and then married Ms. Angela Turrentine. They later divorced in 2004. In 2008 he met Michael A. Barnes who has been his companion until passing.
Apostle Hardin leaves to cherish his memory and ministry his companion, spouse, and friend Only Gentleman Michael A. Barnes; his sons Dominick-Carless DueJuan, Ashton-Jeremiah Jerome Hardin; faithful sister, Leslie Victoria Hardin-Jackson (Javiair-niece)(Jeffrey); a wonderful brother, Troy Rodgers Armon Jerome Hardin (Darius-nephew, Troi Inez and TaSharra-nieces) (Mary), Kali Henderson-great niece; brother, Anthony Hardin; grandfather, Mr. Eckler E. Brooks; favorite aunt, Von Ceil “Vonnie” Payne; favorite great uncle, Melvin Brooks; and uncle Demarco (Sheila) Higgins Sr; as well as many cousins, friends and church members and members of Breakthrough Outreach Church (Atlanta, Ga.). He was preceded in death by his mother, Zreeta A. Hardin; grandmothers, Henry Ann Hardin and Marguerite Higgins; grandfather, Mose Higgins; great-aunt, Georgetta Galbreath; and uncle, Derek Payne.
He was a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, proud gay black father and pastor, M. Ed University of Missouri (St. Louis), M. Th Itc, (Atlanta, Ga).
Visitation/wake is 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, June 7, 2013. Funeral Services June 8, 2013, at 10 a.m. All held at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church located at 663 S. Elliott St., Evansville, In 47713. Officiating services by Prophet Sylvester Jones and Rev. Rabon L. Turner Sr. Entombment is at Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery. Arrangements entrusted to Mason Brothers Memorial Chapel 1001 Lincoln Ave. Evansville, In 47714
Read one of the post to Obnoxious that Carless Hardin appeared in and one of his You Tube clips below:
4th Man Comes Forward Saying He Had Sex With Earnest Pugh!

Men Come Forward On Gospel Singer Earnest Pugh!
Mr. Obnoxious just keeps getting more news on Earnest Pugh and his alleged male lovers. The fourth man has reached out to Mr. Obnoxious to share the intimate details of their sexual experience with the Gospel Singer on one hot night of lust. A good messy member of the “Obnoxious Street Committee” shared a personal encounter that was a night of hot lust and freaky sex that the college educated man admitted was dangerous and should have never happen. A number of things have been questioned about Earnest Pugh and the business practices of him and the owner of his former label Kerry Douglass. However, since they are no longer on good terms and Kerry even told Mr. Obnoxious that Earnest was a low down dirty faggot that used him to get his music out and then started his own label underneath him and never told him a word until he was gone.

In the most recent e-mail Mr. Obnoxious received from the fourth lover of Ernest Pugh is so similar to the same sinful things that have been stated in the past by others. It is most obvious that Earnest has a great lust in his flesh that he cannot bring under subjection that is going to be the ruin of him if he does not get himself together quickly. It seems that the Gospel Singer loves to get on a popular site on the internet to met lovers for quick easy rumps in the sack and even will invite them to come to his home from time to time. Adam4Adam is the website that Earnest Pugh currently has a profile on and is actively using. Mr. Obnoxious will not share with you Earnest’s profile due to the extreme adult content and vulgar language. The photo of a naked Earnest with his hands covering his penis not to mention the totally nude photos on his profile that he uses to hook up with men quickly and easily is far to offensive to share. Rod, the forth lover said he went to Earnest house where he had raw, unprotected sex with the Gospel Singer inMarylandlate one night.
Read the e-mail form Earnest Pugh’s 4th Male Lover below warning these e-mails are very sexual and explicit in content:
I just recently learned of your blog. I’ve read the comment and wanted to reach out to you personally.
I have had sex with Earnest Pugh as well, I guess I am one of many. I do want to take this opportunity to explain I am not nor have I ever been a Gospel groupie. I met Earnest on a Gay website (Adam4Adam) I met him the summer (July or August) of the release of his first CD. At the time I went to his apartment in Bowie, MD. (I still remember the street name) we had unprotected, Raw, BAREBAK SEX…It was so hot! Still not knowing who he was I was beginning to visit an AME Church in Fort Washington, Maryland that is when I saw him and had no clue he was the Minister Of Music or a Gospel Recording Artist. While in his apartment that morning I do remember seeing his M. Div degree from Howard University. I share that just to ad authenticity to my story because I know many who read these accounts of the countless brother like myself they will find him sexy and would do it all over again, his celebrity has nothing to do with my attraction for him. I was hooked the day we had sex, well before the interview, Stellars, popularity or his recording career took off. He is so Hot! Every time I hear his music, or see him doing an interview on TV or the Radio I think back to the hot summer day when he sexed me down at his apartment.
Rob (Formerly of PG. County MD)

After having met via the gay hookup site Adam4Adam and after a few subsequent conversations I was given the address to his place in Bowie MD. It was midmorning in July, before the release of his first CD. After arriving, we did it right there on the floor. He climbed my ass with his legs facing my head and his head facing my feet. After hitting it with several good strokes and digging deep as he could, his body helicoptered into a spin deep up inside of me only to reposition in the traditional position of him pumping his black dick deep in me as I felt him breathing on my neck.
He fucked me deep and thrusted me good until he busted his hot thick load deep in my ass. Please know this was not a sexual encounter where I was passive, no not at all, it was an intense erotic and hard core fuck session between two very masculine, consenting and lustful MEN! During the course of our heated sexual encounter, I had no clue nor did I care that I was being drilled by one of the country’s rising gospel artist, because to me he was just another fuck off of A4A, but what I had not counted on was that this dark lean sexy brotha would fuck me so good that I would become not a fan of his music but that which hung between his legs. You see, he fucked me so well that I knew I would never ever forgot that encounter and to ensure I would not forget this encounter let’s just say I wanted a little reminder, a trophy of my amazing sexual conquest, and though he fucked and used my hole for his pleasure, it was still my conquest because he was hot, nasty, sexy and for that period of time was all mine. So I asked for the trophy reminder, he said no at first but gave in. It was not until months later that I was visiting the AME church where he served as one of the Ministers of Music that I came to know who this sexy dark skinned man was but none other than Earnest Pugh. Ever since that July encounter I never forgot him. To this day Whenever I hear his music playing on the radio or a gospel station personality do an interview with him, My mind wonders to our hot fuck session and how I incubated his very seed for just a little while deep up in me. Perhaps I am too sentimental or just a nasty freak but I do know I will do it all over again if I ever have the chance.
This is not to bash him or belittle him but just to share an encounter that parallels that of others who have shared a sexual encounter with this HAWT dude. A couple of contributors have mentioned about his endowment, I did not deem it to be too small or too big for that matter, I was so taken with his sexiness, his confidence and his prowess so that when he did go balls deep up in me , I just went into Missy Elliott mode and said… “Pussy don’t fail me now” and that caused my hole to lock on and milk the Minister of Music of every note in his Nuts.
After having read many of the responses to the other contributors, I just wanted to share that I am not nor have I ever been a gospel groupie, It was not his celebrity or recording artist status that got me, remember I hooked up with him well before he was on the national scene, well before there were the interviews, awards or accolades I was fucked by him when he was a horny undercover brotha getting an anon fuck off of A4A. I think it is sad when we have to oppress or deny who we are to be relevant or popular in the public eye. The Black church culture needs to come to terms with our dark little secret that only perpetuates more pain, lies and secrecy.
And to those of you who will rise to his defense and say this is not the man I know…Well my friend it prolly is not because he has not dealt with you in this manner, you only know the façade of who he wants you to think he is. We who have had him deep inside of us we are a small fraternity of a select group who KNOW the real Earnest, the man who enjoys the raw, the passion the anonymous connection for Man on man sex away from the glitter of the Grammy’s, Stellars, and the church performances. You see because in our bed is where he does not have to pretend who he is, he shows us the real Earnest Pugh.

Anonymous Robb

Mr. Obnoxious spoke to Rob on the phone several times about his one night of hot lust with Earnest and discussed how common this risky behavior was for him to go to a total strangers house and have unprotected sex and he stated it was common behavior among gay men that are during in lust late at night. He even e-mailed a YouTube clip of a person that never calls Earnest names but seems to have been talking about him and his lifestyle. Earnest is clearly taking great risk with is life and is a danger to others and himself if he keeps his freaky ways up!
Watch the clip below of another man that describes a night of three hours of hot sex with a man that based on the description has to be Earnest Pugh!