The Word Is Out That An Atlanta Mega Church Pastor Has Been Busted In A Disturbing Sextape With A MAN!!!

Posted on May 30, 2013


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Fellow bloggers are reporting they just got a preview of a very GRAPHIC and very DISTURBING sextape being shopped by a group of Atlanta men. The men are gay escorts and they taped video of them having sexual relations on at least 5 different occasions with one of, if not THE THE MOST POPULAR Black TV PASTORS IN THE WORLD!!!
The men are looking for $100K for the videos, and gave us a preview so that we can authenticate it. We can tell you that the encounters were GRAPHIC, at times BRUTAL, and the Pastor could be heard saying scripture while getting it poppin with the escorts.
We can not COMPLETELY CONFIRM that the man in the tapes was IN FACT the pastor, so we’re not saying any names. But trust us when we tell you – the ish is about to hit the fan.
And the Black Church community is gonna be TALKING!!!
Noe you all know tat Mr. Obnoxious did not see it because I would tell names, dates, times, and places. However, I did get a call to have my own private screening, but luck would have it that I am out of town in Orlando at the 63rd International Women’s Convention of the Church Of God In Christ and missed the opprtunity.

This is on story that is developing and Mr. Obnoxious will keep you posted…