BET Has Given Cory “CoCo Brother” Condrey The Ax And James Fortune His Old Stop!!!

Posted on May 29, 2013


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Host, Lift Every Voice after getting fired from his first radio position at Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, being homeless for a year, and being told that he wouldn’t be an on-air personality, Cory took a job in a smaller market in Macon, GA with Foxy 107. It only took several months for his winning personality to drive the show to No. 1. After returning to Hot 107.9 he dominated by capturing interviews with hip hop’s biggest artists, but left the show after hearing God call him to a different arena. As host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Spirit and BET’s Lift Every Voice, Cory focuses his soul-saving ministry by use of in-depth spiritual interviews with gospel, hip hop and R&B superstars.
However, Mr. Obnoxious as gotten word from insiders that CoCo Brother has gotten fired again. Some members of the Obnoxious Street Committee that are close to Cory say that he told him that BET has let him go from the popular Sunday Morning Show, “Lift Every Voice” not very long ago. In fact a poplar Gospel artist said that BET approached them to take the show, but they declined the opportunity due to the great amount of time and commitment. Rumor has it that BET is going to give the show to James Fortune. Seems unreal that the network would take a risk on James after the word getting out how he plead guilty to abusing his stepson. Bottom line CoCo Brother is out and James Fortune is in!

More details to come….
I feel like I need to spread my wings in order to grow at the level that I’m being called to.
The split with Reach and Radio One was an amicable one so there is no drama to report. He simply wants to do what God is calling him to do. Faith requires that we leave it all and follow God’s voice much like the Father of Faith, Abraham.

Condrey sent out an email to all of his fans to explain his departure. Here’s a excerpt:

“My goal was to be the first African American male syndicated at night on a mainstream platform. Syndicated on R&B, Hip- Hop and Gospel stations…. ministering the Gospel of Jesus across the country. No one believed that a night time urban radio show could be syndicated, this was truly The LORD’S doing!”
Condrey continues…
“I never leave a place until I have accomplished all I am called to do…. When I look back, powerful interviews like 1st Lady Michelle Obama for 1 hour, talking people off the bridge from committing suicide, ushering the presence of God into people’s car, home, job thru the radio. Walking and standing by our gospel artist during their toughest moments. Loving on Leaders/ Pastors through the storm. Seeing live and real miracles take place through the radio. People who were blind, now able to see…. Watching the LORD pack out arenas all around the world and seeing people get saved and baptized.”
Condrey continues…
“But most of all, we have blazed a trail for others to come and do what we dreamed and envisioned. The greatest compliment anyone can ever give you is to hold on to what you created. So I am very excited about whoever comes behind me because they will have an opportunity that at one point didn’t exist. My work was not in vain. I have only one desire left in radio. When I come back after this summer, I’m coming back to create a legacy that will outlive me. By becoming an owner, we will give many people the same opportunity I had.”
Condrey is being replaced by gospel artist, James Fortune, who recently filled in for Yolanda Adams and made an impression on Elroy Smith, Inspiration Format Director for Radio One. Smith stated, ”I couldn’t figure out why James was such a natural at this radio thing until he shared with me that he studied communications while in college. He will bring a warm, engaging and a compelling presentation to the airwaves. This is a very exciting time for his fans to hear James do a style of radio that they will fall in love with.”
Fortune will host an inspirational broadcast radio show beginning Tuesday, May 28th from 7p-11p Eastern Time; and host The Spirit Top 15 Inspirational Countdown every weekend.
Fortune says “I look forward to sharing an uplifting journey of music, spiritual encouragement and more with listeners on the evening drive, and feel blessed to join you for many lively evenings in store!”
Let’s pray for Corey Condrey and Joanne Condrey as they step out on faith and for James Fortune as he steps into this new endeavor.
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