Rumor Has It Magic Johnson Got HIV Form His Dead Lover Jermaine Stewart!

Posted on May 1, 2013


Magic Johnson may have long been wishing he didn’t “take his clothes off to have a good time” with the late singer who penned those very lyrics. Know why? Because we’re getting word that Jermaine Stewart is the man responsible for infecting the NBA legend with the HIV virus!!! I would tell you to ask Don Cornelius, but he’s dead.
This news comes about 20-years after Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. was diagnosed with the potentially deadly STD, and around 13-years after Jermaine Stewart died of liver cancer caused by AIDS.
According to our insider, Jermaine Stewart and Magic Johnson were “sex buddies”. During their relationship, we’re told Johnson used to buy the singer extravagant gifts — including a BMW.
According to my sources, when Magic announced his diagnosis, his other “sex buddies”, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall were scared to death they were infected, too. It was well-known around Hollywood that the three often partook in gay sex orgies around town.
So, are we really surprised about Magic’s son coming out? No!
Magic is cool with his son coming out the closet, like father like son. Cookie’s down with the whole program, she’s been Magic’s beard for years.”
OMG! All this sex gossip has got to stop! Everyone just needs to stop doing the nasty! Jason Collins coming out has opened Pandora’s Box!
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