Word Is That Phaedra Parks Of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Husband Apollo Nida Screwed A College Student At A Holiday Inn And Provides The Bill As Proof!

Posted on April 3, 2013


Mr. Obnoxious hates to discus this because I just talked to her today about making an appearance. But the word is out that another RHOA couple may be headed to divorce court! It seems Apollo has been stepping out on his boo Phaedra…guess that donkey booty just aint enough to keep him at home!
You know I gave you word already Kordell and Porsha are OVER! However, I revealed on my radio show, Obnoxious Radio Live that a male usher at Philips Arena said that Kordell came on to him the last time he attended a Hawks game. According to the usher that would like to remain nameless, Kordell asked him what was up and for his phone number so they could hook up sometime when he is not at work. The usher said he smiled and played off because he was very uncomfortable by what Kordell said and how he was looking at him,but he was at work and had to be cool.
Now back to Phaedra, according to a very interesting email and hotel receipt we received, yo boy got a little side action. Although we can’t vouch 100% for the validity of the scandalous info, all Phaedra has to do is check the American Express bill and match up the dates to find out what’s what.
A woman, who doesn’t want her name released, sent the email below. She claims Apollo, who’s married to Phaedra Parks, screwed her real in a cheap Holiday Inn hotel.

Read the email below…
Hi, ..I am a 20yr.old college student and I was in town on leisure travel when I meet no other than (Apollo Nida) on Oct. 24,2012. In addition, he had just made his way back in town from LA from a modeling job. We meet at Twist resturant on Peachtree st. We began talkin and had a few drinks, then we decided to get a hotel an relax, but on the way to the hotel Apollo told me we was unhappyly married. I asked him why he didnt have on his ring but he informed me that him and his wife was separated and was very unhappy in the relationship. So by the end of the night we ended up at the Holiday Inn hotel, and enjoyed a night of hot passion, but adultery to most.
p.s I have also attached a copy of the receipt …

My, my, my… the proof is in the pudding…peep the receipt…

Tell Mr. Obnoxious what do you think? If it’s true, why would his dumb azz use a credit card, everybody knows you use CASH & a fake name! Not that i’m speaking from experience or anything! LOL! We learned that from Bishop Trick Daddy Eddie Long. You remember his code name was Dick Tracey!