Manasseh Jordan Gets An Apology From Fellow Blogger Joy 105!!!

Posted on March 27, 2013


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……It seems that fellow blogger over at Joy 105 called Manasseh Jordan out hard and later apologized for saying that he is not a Christian. Well, Mr. Obnoxious does not know a great deal about that, but we have heard that he has a terrible relationship with his parents and is even rumored to have cussed his father out. Now insiders say the young preacher can really go off when he does not get his cut of the money after he preaches and does not mind acting a fool until he is paid. Good church snitches told Mr. Obnoxious that Benny Hinn gave him a $25,000 Rolex watch that His father demanded he give back. However, instead of giving it back he gave his daddy a good tongue talking save and sanctified cussing out. Not sure if dude will live long because last we checked at Obnoxious Media the Bible said children honor thy father and mother that your days might be long. Anyway read more about the apology and on Manasseh Jordan below:

Let me make clear! I will never ever on purpose say a person does not belong to the Kingdom of God, especially when they them self recognize, consider, associate, describe, or identify as being one (Christian). I had mention in a previous post that Young Prophet Manasseh Jordan was not a Christian Preacher I was wrong in that statement. According to the young prophet Facebook page he’s a Christian minister and speaker who have been involved in ministry all his life, preaching, teaching, healing and prophesying to many.

Prophet Manasseh Jordan is a Christian minister currently based in Boston. He has been involved in Christian Ministry all his life. As a Christian he believes and testifies that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and there is no other way to salvation than through Him. His ministry and his life are based on this belief. Prophet Manasseh appears weekly on BET’s Morning Inspiration. Beyond his unprecedented accomplishments at an early age, he is an inspirational speaker, and entrepreneurial wiz. The message he carries is often referred to a REAL and RELEVANT. Prophet Manasseh brings a very strong biblical message to his listeners. The message that he delivers is also clear, concise and life-changing to those it touches.

Prophet Manasseh has the unique ability to motivate people to move beyond mediocrity and embrace excellence and wholeness in their lives. Through his keen gifts, Prophet Manasseh has the ability to see the potential in people and motivate them to cultivate the gifts and talents that often lie dormant within them. He has placed thousands on the road to their prophetic destiny and success.

Through his speaking engagements, both nationally and internationally, Prophet Manasseh reveals phenomenal insight into the universal truths of God. People all over the world have been brought to the sacred truth that they are not victims in life. This whirlwind success is a direct product of the energy and ingenuity of the ambitiously motivated speaker, prophet, CEO – Prophet Manasseh is the author of “The Art of Spiritual Protocol”.


Well, you know Mr. Obnoxious always says before we take anything back we will add more to it!
Take a look at some photos of the young preacher. He might make a good male model if the preaching thing does not continue to be profitable.

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