Fred Hammond’s Ex-Girlfriend Nikke Sanni Goes Public That Bishop T.D. Jakes Helped Deion Sanders Hide Money Prior To Filing For Divorce!!!

Posted on March 27, 2013


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……It’s just a matter of time when and who’s going to find out. Now Mr. Obnoxious knows that it is no way that the good Bishop would help Deion do such a low down, un-Godly, despicable thing like hide money to keep form having to pay the proper amount to his ex-wife. However, this is the same man that preached Bishop Trick Daddy Eddie Long’s Anniversary in this mist of his sex scandal with five teenage young men.
In a recent report at the Cherry On Top blog, gospel singer, Fred Hammond’s ex-girlfriend went to the press to tell the world what she claims to be a deep dark secret of Christian preacher, Bishop T.D. Jakes.
According to Nikke Sanni, Deion Sanders reached out to Jakes for a little help to hide money during his divorce settlement.
Jakes supposedly gave the former football star a bit of advice on how to skirt the system and hide his fortune to protect himself from financial liability.
If any of what she’s saying is true, this could mean serious legal consequences for the preacher.
Read the details below:
We’ve been following the ongoing bitter divorce between Deion and Pilar Sanders from the beginning. Ever since news emerged in late 2011 that the once happy couple had split, a lot has happened, including accusations of abuse and infidelity being levied by both sides. Just last week, Deion was awarded full custody of the couple’s two sons, and joint custody of their daughter. The decision was a crushing blow for Pilar, but the model/actress is gunning for a better outcome when the court makes a decision in their battle over finances.

Enter Texas native Nikke Sanni. Nikke claims to have been in a relationship with gospel star Fred Hammond for 2-years, and is preparing to testify about a meeting she says took place in early 2011, during which Deion allegedly sought advice on what to do with his money to create the illusion that he’s not as well off as many believe. Her story is pretty shocking (particularly who’s involved), and we have our own opinions about her accusations, but read on so you can formulate your own.

Did you have a relationship with either Deion or Pilar Sanders prior to you coming forward?

NS: No.

You allege that you were dating Fred Hammond at the time of the incident you are about to speak of, correct?

NS: Absolutely.

How long had the two of you been dating?

NS: We were dating for approximately a year before this meeting, and we dated for another year after it happened, so it was a total of two years.

Now get into your story. Talk about the first time you allegedly met Deion Sanders.

NS: We were at Fred’s house. It was Fred, T.D. Jakes, Deion Sanders, and another man of whom I have no idea who he is. He came in with Deion, he left with Deion, I don’t know who he is. And that was my first time ever seeing Deion.

What was the subject of conversation?

NS: That he [Deion] was getting ready to file for a divorce, and there was something wrong with the prenuptial agreement, and he did not want her [Pilar] to take his money. He was like worried. It was one of those meetings where somebody is like, “Man you know, something is wrong with this prenup, and I need some help because I don’t want her to take everything.” And T.D. Jakes was there helping him, giving him advice, kind of guiding him rather, on what to do with his money so that it wouldn’t look like he had so much when the divorce happens. It was only T.D. Jakes and Deion talking. Fred wasn’t really saying anything, and the other guy wasn’t really saying anything. It was just a Deion and T.D. Jakes type situation.

Were they the least bit uncomfortable with you being in the room considering what they were discussing? It seems a little odd that Deion would be comfortable with talking about that with someone in the room he did not know.

NS: I wasn’t sitting directly in the room. I was eavesdropping in the room. I wasn’t like sitting on the couch with them…they were all sitting in the sitting area. I was eavesdropping on the meeting. I came down for a second to get a good look, and went back up, but I was not invited, nor was I sitting in the sitting room with them at the time, no.

T.D. Jakes being as big as he is, and Deion. Are you prepared to deal with the repercussions of coming forward and testifying?

NS: Am I prepared? I guess I’ll have to get prepared. Am I afraid? Absolutely, absolutely afraid. But I figure yes T.D. Jakes is huge, yes Deion Sanders is huge, but they’re not bigger than God. And I know I’m telling the truth, and with that, I’m okay. But I’m not going to lie and say I’m not scared. I am. I’m absolutely. I don’t have no idea what they’re going to come back with or how they’re going to do it, but they know it’s true.

Have Pilar’s lawyers been preparing you to testify? Have you been meeting with her lawyers?

NS: I’ve met with her lawyers, I am preparing to testify in the divorce phase of the trial. I did not testify in the custody battle because this has nothing to do with custody. I don’t know anything about Deion’s parental skills…let me just say this on record, okay. I don’t know Mr. Sanders as a person, as a human being. I have nothing to gain and everything to lose for telling my story because I am going against T.D. Jakes. But, I’m doing what’s right, and what I’m doing, like I said, has nothing to do with custody of their children, so that’s why I didn’t testify at the [custody phase of the case], but I will be there at the divorce trial.

It would be easier, considering what you’re up against, to not say anything about what you heard that day. It won’t affect you if things don’t go Pilar’s way in their divorce. Why say anything knowing your credibility is going to be questioned and possibly worse?

NS: I’ll be honest with you. The reason why, if you want to know the deep-rooted reason why I’m doing it…when I got back home after they had that meeting, I was in a close relationship with my mother, and I went straight to my mom. Now let me be honest with you, when I went to my mother, I wasn’t discussing Deion, T.D. Jakes, and that big ol’ guy that was there. I went to my mother, and I was like, “Mom, you’re not going to believe what kind of meeting Fred sat in on.” It was more of let me tell my mom what my guy is doing. And my mother said to me, “You need to reach out and let that woman know what’s going on.” And, initially I was like, “You’re crazy. I’m not doing that,” because I’m was still with Fred. I was very much in love with Fred, very much so. And I didn’t want to jeopardize my relationship with my man for somebody I didn’t know who she is or where she comes from. But talking to my mother, she was the one that said, “You’re a woman just like she’s a woman. And if this was you and Fred, and another woman sat in and heard he was going to do that to you, wouldn’t you want to know?” And it stayed on my conscience, it ate me up all day, all night. Until I decided I’ve got to do the right thing. It was my mother, she deserves the credit.

Do you remember the exact month and year that the meeting you just spoke of allegedly took place?

NS: Absolutely, because I was there for my birthday. It was February of 2011. My birthday is February 8. So it was the beginning of February that the meeting took place.

Okay, and you said you and Fred continued dating for a year after that?

NS: We didn’t break up until the summer time of 2012.

So you don’t remember specifics on what Bishop T.D. Jakes was telling Deion to do?

NS: I don’t remember the specifics. I just know he was telling him, “This is what you do. You put your money here…” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But, no, I do not remember exactly. I wish I did because I’d be more than happy to help her, but I don’t know, and I can’t make it up.

What you’re alleging is pretty major.

NS: And this is the thing that scares me, and I want this to be very known. I’m not going to sit up here and tell you I’m Ms. big bad muscle woman…I can face it I’m strong. I’m afraid. We’re talking about world respected, mega-church leader Bishop T.D. Jakes against little ol’ Houston Nikke. I’m not a bishop, I’m not a pastor, I’m not a world known gospel artist, I’m just Nikke, and I’m just Nikke that’s doing what’s right. No matter what your title is, no matter what church you lead, you’re still a person just like me, you happen to have a title. And they know what I heard. That’s why they all looked at me crazy when they saw me like, “What are you doing here?” But I feel like I’m doing what’s right. Absolutely I’m scared. I’m not afraid, I’m scared. But, oh well. I mean, I have to do what I have to do, and this is what it is. I’m sure Fred is going to curse me out real good and go off because he does curse and he does go off, but I’m ready.

Well, there you have it! Bishop T.D. Jakes just might have advised Deion on how to move his money to keep it from his now ex-wife. All of this sinful ugliness being taught by the man that should have been advising him to do the right thing. However, a man that would still support Eddie Long in the mist of a sex scandal with 5 young men is capable of anything. Hopefully this is not true, but it sure seems possible. Deion is suppose to be saved and a minister, but that does not mean must of anything or he would not have been sexing that young 19-year-old girl that caused him to loose his wife when she posted the pictures of Deion sleep in her bed after a hot love making session. Judgement will start in the House of God first!