Tom Joyner Divorced Donna Richardson For His Jump Off That He was Having An Affair With Claudia Jordan–He Is 24 Years Her Senior And She Has Been Around The Block A Few Times With Lamar Odom, Jamie Foxx, And A Lot More!!!

Posted on March 25, 2013


Mr. Obnoxious has finally learned what happen between Tom Joyner and Donna Richardson. The couple of twelve years divorce was for the most part very quite until now. It seems that Tom got knocked off his feet by a much younger woman that has been around the block a few times with her share of celebrity men. Check out what a member of the Obnoxious Street Committee sent me below:

I work for Radio One, the parent company of the Tom Joyner Show and I’m sending you this information under condition of anonymity. This has been the talk of our company!

Claudia Jordan: In Love With A Man Her Father’s Age

“Celebrity Apprentice” star Claudia Jordan, 39, has had romantic trysts with NBA star Lamar Odom, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx (who she slept with to get a show on his FoxxHole channel on SiriusXM) and Olympic gold medalist Maurice Greene. Now the former model is dating a much older man, syndicated radio jock Tom Joyner, 63.

The one time “Deal of No Deal” briefcase model began dating the radio veteran—who is 24 years older than her—almost a year ago while on his annual Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage cruise.

She’s been dating him for about a year and he’s been taking care of her financially. He’s worth at least $20 million, so Claudia clearly isn’t letting him get away.

On “Celebrity Apprentice,” Claudia even competed for Joyner’s charity, The Tom Joyner Foundation, which raises money for historically black colleges and universities. Not only did Claudia not win any money for Tom on “Celebrity Apprentice,” but she was fired from the show on Sunday’s episode.

Claudia didn’t just play Tom’s his charity, but he gave her money to contribute towards her fundraising on the show in general. Despite her having been involved romantically with many high profile men, she couldn’t get any of them to give her money for the show either.

Tom’s advisors and sons hate their relationship. Everyone feels Tom compromised his relationship with President Barack Obama by allowing his charity to be a part of a Donald Trump-produced show. Tom has been very supportive of President Obama and his team felt it would be contradictory to be associated with Donald’s show. He didn’t care as long as Claudia was happy.

Though Tom was pissed that Claudia didn’t win any money for his charity and he gave her $20,000 to use on the show that went towards other people’s charities, he’s moving past it because he cares for her greatly!

Both Claudia and Tom have divorce in common.

She was married in a quickie Las Vegas wedding to model Datari Turner in 2009. Their tumultuous union ended with an annulment in early 2010.

Tom was married to fitness guru and former “Today Show” contributor Donna Richardson Joyner for 12 years. Their divorce, his second, was finalized in March 2012.

(Jamie Foxx confirms fling with Claudia:

(Claudia and Lamar Odom: