Obnoxious Extreme Ratchet Behavior! Woman Having Sex With A Man At Crowed Football Game!

Posted on March 15, 2013


Oh My God! Every time I think that a member of the Obnoxious Street Committee has sent the most shocking thing I have ever seen it get worst. The word we just got was this is a photo and possibly a video that was take with a cell phone to follow of a girl and a guy having sex at a crowded football game. From the photo you can see the women is in her bra and panties setting on a man’s lap that does appear that some sex was about to go down if the photo was not taken during the very act. Shocking at best and it makes you wonder what was going on in the life of the female to behave in such a manner publicly. Even if there is no sex and no video it is still very disturbing to see a female undressed all the way down to her underwear in public.

Mr. Obnoxious would like to hear from you about this matter, what do you think about this and what would you ave done if you had been at the football game?