Rumor Has It That Morris Chestnut Was One Of The Men That Played A Naked Basketball Game At Jamie Foxx House!

Posted on March 14, 2013


Mr. Obnoxious has known about this alleaged nude basketball game for sometime now and a number of the rumors that Jamie Foxx might be a PJD (Pineapple Juice Drinker), but Morris Chestnut has been revealed as one of the players in the naked games. Jamie as even stated that his alter ego is a gay man plus he invited friends and family out to a listening party cel resting the release of his last CD. Many people that were in attendance never picked up on the play on words and that “family” is often a term used in the gay community to refer to individuals that are same gender loving. It was a great deal of gay men out partying tat night with Jamie so we are just saying, but we do not know for sure.

A lot of balls are said to have been bouncing across Jamie Foxx’s former Woodland Hills backyard — as an insider reveals Foxx and Morris Chestnut once battled it out on a basketball court — IN THE NUDE!!!
It’s a situation which we’re told understandably caused comedian Cory Holcomb to pause and refrain from joining the bizarre game.
According to our source, it all went down back in 1998. Though we don’t know the exact identities of all the players involved, we can tell you Foxx is said to have been captain of one team, while Chestnut reportedly headed (no pun intended) the opposing team.

Here are the Obnoxious Details:

Jamie Foxx had a 5 on 5 broke back mountain basketball tournament invitational back in the day.

Them Ni–as is crazy. Jamie and his boys mix men’s cologne with perfume, and they think that shit is hot.

Jamie Foxx is a past being gay, he’s like one of them ancient Roman dudes. Who plays basketball with nuts and swords hanging out? Corey was disgusted.”