Rich Dollaz Of “Love & Hip Hop New York Nude Photos Leaked–Seems A Chick He Was Sending His Photos To Leaked Them–Warning Extreme Adult Content Warning Parental Discretion Is Advised!!!

Posted on March 7, 2013


Mr. Obnoxious has learned that some folks on social media internets are saying that some ratchet chick who Rich was sending d*ck pics just leaked them.
Well, we just got word that whoever it is in that pic AIN’T Rich Dollaz. According to his rep, the pic is of someone else. But it sure looks like his face.
The details are below:
Eww Lawd! Gawd knows I toiled with the release of these photos for some days. I receive an email about a week ago from someone stating that they had a few nude photos of Rich Dollaz from Love & Hip Hop New York. Mind you, I get these sorts of emails all the time. Before I would enter into any kind of dialogue with the sender, I told them to send me what they had, and we could begin talking from there. Chile, why did I do that? Not only did the person send me the pictures, they sent me a very interesting, not so flattering story along with them. The story was so defamatory that I reached out to a few friends at VH1 as well as a few people close to Mona Scott-Young and the production crew for their opinion. Non of them were of any help. All they could do is gasp and say ewww girl.
Extreme Ratchet Behavior–DVD On How To Perform Oral Sex!
I’m not going to lie, I really thought that someone from the inside sent me the photos in an attempt to garner some additional buzz around the show. Feeling like it was a set up, I stopped thinking about the whole situation and decided that I’d do absolutely NOTHING with the random email that made its way to me. Well chile, it’s about 4:30 am on 2/6/13. After watching an episode of the show online, the spirit just said to me “Dineva girl, its not the ‘pictures’ that were defamatory, it was the story”. I said to the spirit, “you know what girl, you are right!” That being said, I decided to share the pictures that were sent to me.
Let me go on record saying, “I can’t undoubtedly say that these pictures are indeed Rich Dollaz, but bae bae, if they aren’t, then there’s another middle aged chicken nuggety looking man running around out there that strikes an uncanny resemblance.

Wonder if the women’s tips on how to perform oral sex will work on Rich? LOL!