Update On The Tumultuous DC Jurisdiction Of The Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) And The Out Of Control Bishop Coles!!!

Posted on February 28, 2013


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……It is amazing that the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) leaders has not done anything about the DC Jurisdiction. The word was that everyone wanted to focus on getting re-elected while the churches in the District suffer. Obvious nothing is going to be done nor does the General Board or the Board of Bishops seem to care about the Saints in DC. However, Obnoxious Media is commited to getting the word out and Turing the church completely upside down until something is done. It might not prove to be successful, but at least the word would get out to the masses. It has been our advice for the saints to file an injunction against Bishop Neavelle Anthony Coles, Sr. and a restraining order to stop him from being able to operate as bishop. If the national church will not do anything then they need to take mattes into their own hands and go to court rather than continue to suffer under his incompetent leadership. The word is Bishop Coles and his lawyer son are continuing their intimidation tactics and threats. Checkout the latest mess in DC e-mails sent to me by one of my good snitches out of that area below:
DC Bishop Stops Funeral And Has A Fight!!!
Man, they are quiet. I heard he (Coles) had a session with the Grievance Committee of the COGIC Board of Bishops during the St. Louis meeting. But he didn’t respond to any charges. Of course, this is second hand information. I did hear he is preaching hard against the homosexuals and lesbians in the church. But that’s old news.

Man, i am hitting u up now. Bishop Coles is on a rampage. He tried to corner me up in a meeting last week with him, his wife, his son Kevin, Deacon Haywaood (Chairman of Deacons at New Bethel) and his daughter accusing me of making derogatory statements about him. I denied it of course. But I gave him my opinions on how he has handled this stuff and how he has mishandled the legacy of Bishop Howard, etc. Of course he didn’t like what I had to say. The sad thing is I didn’t call the meeting. He did after the morning service. I just by happenchance came by because that’s my home church. What started as a one-on-one man to man meeting became an exercise in intimidation. I didn’t say anything directly about him and I damn sure ain’t no punk. He is trying to force people to retract there complaints to the Board of Bishops and he took yesterdays sermon to preach on me. He is a petty, small-minded, insecure man who should nor have ever been put at New Bethel.

I mentioned his shenanigans to Rickey 9ayton and Dr. Lovett. As I mentioned before, I am currently not affiliated with the DC jurisdiction. I am however, a well respected son of the ministry. I dont understand why he is trying to play those intimidation tactics with me. I ‘m not trying to run his stuff in the mud thru the blogs. But I am not one to be bullied.

Hell no. I Passed the info on to Lovett and I intend to mention it to Bishop White when I go to NY

I think you should shake the tree further and if I get more info I will pass it on. Let me also say that I am not looking to take over Bethel by trying to undermine Coles even though he is threatened by me. I just want what is best for Bethel and hope that the members would have a voice in selecting a pastor. Coles was a small church pastor who was the state treasurer. He never was a district superintendent and didnt work with the pastors. On the sunday I went there, there were 55 persons in the congregation in a place that used to have over 500 members on most Sundays in attendance.

Yes I know. I really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But when he decided to come at me for no clear reason. At that point, he lost my confidence and regard. He could have come to me one on one. But he needed a gang and I dont intimidate easy.

Here is the information from the jurisdictional meeting below:

OK all. Very Sad News to report. We had our quarterly meeting today here in DC. Coles gets up and reads this letter from the national church. It simply said this, that there was no evidence of wrongdoing in the jurisdiction and even though the pastors sent the 27 page document it was all for nought. In his statement Coles reads, ”the cases against Bishop Coles has been dismissed.”

You see Saints, this man destroys lives and the jurisdiction, the people cry, and the National Church turned their back on the people. Their own people. Several pastors came out today just to see. My hat goes off to Pastor Joseph Gray who stood and stated that he was one who signed the 27 page document in boldness. Anyone who knows Gray, knows that this is a true man of God who doesn’t play. I’m sure that this was his last quarterly meeting in DC. Poor Leslie Price hasn’t been a pastor but a month or two but when he tried to speak, Coles sat him down. NOW the real acts of terror is going to happen as Coles struts like a peacock knowing in writing that the national endorses his mess.

Watch as the churches do a mass exodus like never been seen before… God bless your ministries Pastors Gray, Carlton, Evans, J. McCrimmon, Dulac, Morris, & others. Your committee was not in vain, no matter what no one says. You will always be respected as Real Standup Men & Woman of God.