LeBron James Busted!!! Checkout The NBA Superstar And His Male Lover!!! OMG!!!

Posted on February 13, 2013



Shocking at best right! To see LeBron James in a very loving moment with another man. It seems the two are very much in love and engaged in a serious Bomance!
How long has this relationship been going on and why was it not leaked before now?!?!
Trey Songz Kissing A Man!!!
The MVP was caught During the off season in a few photos with some guys tat e said was friends, but they all appeared to be same gender loving or very much in touch with their feminine side. Not really a big deal if LeBron had some gay friends or even if he was gay. No one would really care at the end of the day.

This photos really makes you look twice! Is this LeBron or not you tell me!