Who Will Become The Next Bishop Of The North Carolina Second Jurisdiction Of The Church Of God In Christ (COGIC)!!!

Posted on February 8, 2013


Members of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) have pointed their attention to North Carolina on who will be named the next bishop of the North Carolina Second Jurisdiction of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC). The word is the race is down to six good men that feel they are worthy to be considered for the big vote this Saturday. All of the pastors in good financial standing will vote on one good man to lead them since Bishop Otis Lockett passed just a short year after having been elected bishop since Bishop Cornelius Anderson had become far to ill to continue and he has now since died. It is said that Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin, Second Assistant Presiding Bishop is already in North Carolina to get ready for this very important polling of the pastors in that jurisdiction on this Saturday.
Many may wonder where did this idea of voting in the jurisdiction came from in the first place. According to the church’s constitution a Jurisdictional Bishop can be decided one of two the following ways: Appointment by the Presiding Bishop or by Voting or Polling of the pastors in that local jurisdiction. The voting/polling was not implemented until Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson’s administration. It was his decision that the men in that area would know who they would want to lead them and keep down the confusion of appointment, which had grown to cause a great deal of confusion and splits in the Grand Old Church. Voting might be the best way, but it still is no split proof solution. The other major issue in the voting process is that the Local Elder is not allowed to participated in the voting process on the jurisdictional level, but they can vote during the meeting of the General Assembly for the National Church. Many elections would be far different if elders could vote on the jurisdictional level.
Mr. Obnoxious must introduce to you the six men running and share a little bit about them that just might help the men in North Carolina second make a good and healthy decision about their future leader. The following men have offered themselves to serve as Bishop:

Dr. Herbert Davis is originally from Kalamazoo Michigan where he served under not Bishop Michael Hill. He currently lives in Durham. He earned a Doctor of Ministry from Duke. He is a District Superintendent and works greatly in the community.

Frankie Davis served as the jurisdictional financial secretary and is the Superintendent of the Charlotte District. Mr. Obnoxious was not able to get a really good read on him other than he has a small district in the jurisdiction.

George Davis is a fine man that serves as pastor of two churches and is also a District Superintendent known as Daddy Davis that everyone knows and can always be found serving the national church as the platform coordinator. Daddy Davis does not miss a national meeting or funeral in the Church Of God In Christ. He was the brother-in-law of Bishop Anderson having married his wife’s sister. He also served and the interim pastor of Refreshing Spring COGIC in DC. He is certainly a father in the gospel and has the years of service, wisdom, and experience to effectively lead the jurisdiction.

Michael Stevens founded University City COGIC was formally in Bishop Paul Morton’s Full Gospel Baptist until the Lord showed him a more excellent way and he came into the Grand Old Church. Stevens has an earned PhD from Oral Roberts University. He has preached several times on Sunday Morning at West Angles, the Presiding Bishop’s church and was most impressive at the AIM Convention two years ago in Charlotte. He was very instrumental in the COGIC and the community of Charlotte coming together during that week. One of the great activities was a Forum for the young men in the church to met famous and successful men like Jason Richardson and Chris Tucker. Stevens would also be a great choice for bishop, but he is not son of COGIC!

Cornelius Anderson Jr. is the son of the late Bishop Anderson. He serves as the pastor of Sherman Memorial COGIC, where he served and worked with his father faithfully. Not ever missing a national meeting which his father and faithfully assisting him. Anderson most likely has been doing the work of the bishop for sometime now and it would not be difficult for him to take leadership and carry on the work of his father. He has already been elevated to the office of Auxiliary Bishop two years ago. Bishop Champ is a good man and would make a great Jurisdictional Bishop and seems to be the logical progressive step since he already has the title of bishop.

Stenneth Powell, who pastors Abundant Life Church Of God In Christ has entered the running for what we do not know. Seems he should focus all of his attention on his local church that has recently filed bankruptcy. If he cannot effectively run a local church is ridiculous for him to think he would be able to be a good leader of the jurisdiction. Plus not to mention the petition that Elder Henry Shields reported to the General Board and Board of Bishops that Powell was a known drunk and not to mention other issues that Mr. Obnoxious has been made aware of after previous reports. Although, to his credit he was the First Assistant to Bishop Lockett even if it was for a very short time prior to Bishop Lockett’s death. Seems that if Powell by some miracle to be voted bishop the jurisdiction would surely split due to these men would good churches that would not follow someone in serious financial trouble.
Mr. Obnoxious has some good snitches that will be in the meeting and will keep you posted on the details of the polling this Saturday!