Mr. Obnoxious Has A Stalker–Be On The Lookout For Walter Lee Hampton II–Read About His Constant Unwanted Advances And Proof Of Mental Illness!!!

Posted on February 1, 2013


It is not often that I take time out of my jammed packed schedule to discuss someone that is not famous or high profile, but recently I was confronted with an issue that warranted my immediate attention. Because we live in a time where technology is so easily accessible and can be misused or abused to quickly destroy a man’s good reputation in seconds.

Often you will read in my column or in my blog about a person that has attempted to or has taken advantage of a child that should be punished, but for the first time in life Mr. Obnoxious has experienced that advances of a man that is a dangerous stalker that seems to be mentally ill. There are a number of people that are friends with me on Facebook that I do not have the pleasure of knowing personally. However, they may be fans or followers of my work so I accepted them and opened my world and life to them through the social media site. As many of you know I have worked very hard to drop close to 100 pounds and a great deal of that process I shared on Facebook, which was the original reason Walter Lee Hampton II contacted to me to see about being my personal trainer. Little did I know he wanted to train me a little more in the bedroom that in the gym. He started out expressing to me how well he would work with getting me in great shape and reach my weight loss goals, but that was just the bait to start the dialog.

Walter Lee Hampton II and his alleged ex.
As a well know media figure it is not uncommon for Mr. Obnoxious, me to have fans and followers of my work and career because I speak so candidly about issue and topic most people avoid. As a direct result I have acquired a great deal of admirers. However this one man by the name of Walter Lee Hampton II seems strange and possibly mentally ill. If you read some of his outrageous post to his Facebook page you would see that something is a little wrong with this man. It starts out as just dry humor, but it is deeply mental illness and he might even be dangerous. After a few direct messages on Facebook and great number of compliments of Mr. Obnoxious’ great since of style and fashion it was clear that Walter had something else in mind. The openly gay man got very direct with his sexual advances that I would just blow off as something that was not serious or possibly a set-up one of the many people that have been subjects of my Obnoxious Blog. Walter’s advances went completely ignored. It has always been my great desire to use my platform in media to fulfill my altruistic thirst to entertain and educate. Never has this amazing career been used to manipulate someone for my personal desire or used to have someone become some type of object for me.

The inbox conversations have been manipulated by Walter to not reveal all of his unwanted advances. Most often I would just laugh at his messages and respond with light conversation not wanting to set him off by cutting him completely off all at once. Additionally, he has come than one Facebook profile and even made fake profiles to reach out to me and express sexual interest in me. Last night he seemed to have gotten very angry when I told him that he was acting like a little girl when I told him clearly that I did not want him to contact me in that way ever again or I would remove him as a Facebook friend and block him. Walter reacted in the most shocking way by posting my photo in his status and accusing me of doing to him all of the very things he as been doing to me. Needless to say I was hot as catfish grease when I saw the post and began to attack everyone that left ugly comments about me. Media personality or not at times you can get so mad that you can go places that you actually should not go. Even one of his friends is a guy by the name Marq Jones that I had an encounter with early in my career that wanted to reveal something about Tyler Perry that was not true nor did he have any proof of his alleged claims at all. After some research it seems that Marq was nothing more than a male prostitute that was posing as a masseuse and was looking to blackmail the famous movie producer to get some money to get ahead.

Walter Lee Hampton II has attempted to use Facebook to lie and accuse me of doing to him all of the things that he has actually has done to me. This situation has the potential to get out of hand and the authorities have already been notified. However, this is a teachable moment and in light of the recent stories of Catfishing and stalking this had to be brought to light. Hopefully Walter has gotten the attention that he desired by me finally and we can all move on with our lives, but he really needs some very serious medical attention. I hate that I had to use my platform to address such nonsense but there are times in life that you cannot sit back and say nothing. Be On The Look Out for Walter Lee Hampton II because he does not seem to handle rejection very well.

Note that this man has a criminal record and might be dangerous, but the police said this is a civil matter until he actually does something. As a result, I had no other choice than to go public!

Read some of Walter’s post to his Facebook profile that proves he has some serious issues below:
Love and Relationships. These long lonely night……Yes, I get lonely….We all get lonely. I am sitting here tonight Alone and By Myself and feeling LONELY. People get on my nerves acting like they don’t get Lonely or desire some type of COMPANIONSHIP>>>>>>>>>HELL WE ARE HUMAN AND EVERYONE WANTS SOMEBODY!…And there is NOTHING WRONG with ADMITTING that you are LONELY or DESIRE some form of COMPANIONSHIP!!…there is NOTHING WRONG with WANTING to BE IN A RELATIONSHIP!…..There is NOTHING WRONG WITH WANTING TO LOVE SOMEONE and WANTING SOMEONE TO LOVE YOU TO!!….Walter Hampton II

Love & Relationships. ALONE. Living your life ALONE can have very HARMFUL Effects on you. it can actually create some very SERIOUS health problems. so if you do not have a PARTNER maybe a room mate or Dog will help. but i don’t like living alone. I like the company of a COMPANION. Personally before i sit here Single and ALONE i will GLADLY date a>>> OVERWEIGHT FAT GUY…(since thats all i seem to attract anyway…..smh)..
~Walter Hampton II

DEAR GOD. My mother stopped by today and she told me that you can do ANYTHING i just have to ask for it….well i have thought about whit it is i want…GOD i need you to turn me into a RICH STRAIGHT WHITE MAN! Jesus name we pray. Amen.
Walter Lee Hampton II

Love & Relationships. SO WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NOW? You are in a RELATIONSHIP with a guy. You both have had HIV TESTS that say you both are HIV NEGATIVE. You are In LOVE. This is the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. You trust him. And you ALWAYS practice SAFE SEX. Always using condoms. But one night the CONDOM BREAKS. and MONTHS later during a routine physical you TEST HIV POSITIVE. and you find out later that your PARTNER was LYING all this time about his HIV STATUS….and because of his LIES…he has given you HIV. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NOW?…WHAT DO YOU DO?…..some people got mad at men because i said i would KILL a man if he gave me HIV. Well i want to know:…….WHAT DO YOU DO IF SOMEONE IS LYING ABOUT THEIR HIV STATUS AND YOU END UP CONTRACTING HIV FROM THEM???…what should you DO NOW? ~Walter Hampton II