Detrick Haddon Is Not Totally Innocent—Word Is He Left His Ex-Wife Damita On The Night Of Her Mother’s Funeral—He Packed His Bas And Left On A Storming Night!!!

Posted on January 30, 2013


Oh My God! Are you ready for this information that Mr. Obnoxious has just learned. As you well know this past weekend I covered the 21st Annual Trumpet Awards in Atlanta, Georgia. On Friday Night while attending the VIP and Sponsor Dinner at the Commerce Club a lady approached me introducing herself and asking what line of work I was in because she knew my face but could not place how she knew me. After sharing with her I was the world famous Mr. Obnoxious she screamed with joy, “That is it!” We shared a laugh and went on to talk. She then leaned close to me almost as if we were going to kiss when she said she had some information to share with me. The young lady that is a publicist for several well known Gospel Artist said she had some additional insight on the Deitrick Haddon Facebook Confessional that would knock my socks off and you know what she was right and it is going to do the same to you.

She said that she had become very close to Damita Haddon while working with her on several projects. The two ladies fast became friends and Damita began to open up to her about her personal life. As you well know Damita lost her mother couple of years ago, which is around the same time her marriage fell apart. According to the young lady that shall remain anonymous on the night that Damita and Detrick Haddon got home after her mother’s funeral and the repass Damita went to their bedroom to lay down form the very difficult day. She said that Damita told her she would never forget it because it began to storm that night when Detrick entered their bedroom and broke the news to her that he was leaving. The source very close to Damita said she was in shock when her then husband entered their bedroom with the bags packing what he intended to take with him to start his new life in Los Angeles. Simply put Detrick told her he did not want to be married anymore. He shared with her that he could no longer continue to do it and that had to leave. The inside snitch said that he told her he had a red eye to L.A. and that he was going to start a new life and peruse other goals that did not include her.

It is rumored and the source confirmed that Damita was in shock and did not want to loose her marriage, but was out of it from the loss of her mother and the funeral that she could not even debate with him not to leave and just laid their almost without responding as her husband walked out on her at the time she needed him the most. As simple as that Detrick left Damita on a storming night while it was pouring down raining on the same night of her mother’s funeral Detrick left his wife. Damita has said that she plans to remain quite throughout this attack launched by her ex-husband on her and that God will get her through it just as he got her through his leaving her on the worst day of her life. The snitch was not clear as to why Detrick had launched his attack on his ex-wife now other than he was just pissed that Isaac had recently won a Stellar Award. It seems it will be a great deal more revealed about this difficult breakup. Mr. Obnoxious has not been able to confirm if Damita is still pastoring the church that she and Detrick was co-pastoring that was actually the church his father pastored until his death. The insider said that he did not want her to have to go to the through the funeral alone but he could not do it any longer and that it was very difficult for him to fake it on that day.

Mr. Obnoxious stands corrected Bishop Haddon is alive and yet in ministry and has a church in two locations one in Inkster and the othe in Detroit where his and his wife co-pastored. It seems that I misunderstood Detrick when he told me he took over his Father’s in Detroit. However, Dataita is no longer there, but Detrick’s sister and her husband.

This is yet developing……

Read Mr. Obnoxious original post on Detrick Haddon’s Facebook Confessional below:
OMG!!! Read Deitrick Haddon’s Facebook Confessional! The Gospel Singer Spills His Guts On His Failed Marriage, Bastard Baby, And More!!!

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Although, I am busy covering the Inauguration of President Barack Obama I had to stop and make time to post this information on Deitrick Haddon’s Facebook Confessional. He spills his guts about his failed marriage, bastard baby, and more!!
Deitrick Haddon in his own words Read his Facebook post below:
Deitrick Haddon
2 hours ago
Coming clean in 2013 so God can really be truly glorified
My objective in this personal message to my supporters is to set the record straight on why I divorced my ex-wife, to clear my daughter’s and fiancé’s name, and to give you the truth. I’m not here to throw anyone under the bus, but I refuse to remain silent while people slander my name because the other parties involved are refusing to speak up for me and about their involvement in this matter. I regret having to continue to speak on this but you all need to know the truth from my perspective.
It does not feel good when people make comments saying that I left my wife for a younger woman and a baby!! It’s simply not the truth & the truth is recorded in heaven! Heaven keeps good records & i have no reason to lie!!! I met the young lady when i moved to L.A a broken mess & God used her to keep me from committing suicide twice!! I do admit that she did get pregnant before my divorce was final as my divorce carried on for over a year. However an abortion was not an option for me so I covered her & she covered me while we both repented of our sins & submit to spiritual leadership. As a sign of humility & accountability, I have not preached on any platform in any church for one year!! I’ve paid my penalty for my sin!!
I understand that my ex-wife wants to keep quiet & she has that right but to allow people to think this way about me while she remain Quiet is not cool when I was a good husband, not perfect but a good husband & friend to her for years!! I take full responsibility for my actions but I WILL NOT take responsibility for the cause of my actions. I don’t expect Damita to be bold enough to go public because people will take your transparency & rub it in your face & even Christians who are called to restore & forgive will be ready to throw stones at her for something that God has forgiven her for & is in her past. Unfortunately, we happen to live in a religious community that preach forgiveness but when the opportunity presents itself to show it they just don’t do it!!!
However, I do expect Isaac Carree to stand up and be man enough to own his mistakes & give his fans the truth they deserve to know. I appreciate your new song ‘Clean this house”, you know I’ve always been a fan of yours since day one & I’ve never done anything to hurt you but you left one sin out of your song that would have set the record straight & solidified my healing process & that is adultery! I hate to see you walk in deception when it’s unnecessary. Yes I have forgiven you but I want to see you be the true man that God is calling for all us to be. The Gospel community & church has had enough deception. Let’s come clean in 2013. I forgive you & I love you bro but it’s time to be real.
For those that are small minded & will say that I may be jealous of Isaac. That is incorrect, I have always shown my support to him & I celebrate the gifts that God has blessed us with in the Kingdom. However, I have kept quiet & covered him for 2 years since I found out & it wasn’t easy to watch the man that broke up my home run around singing on stages as if he had done nothing devastating to a his fellow brother in the Gospel!!
I have moved on… God has blessed me with a baby that has in many ways neutralized the enemies darts that have been thrown against me. Please let it go down in the books that I did not leave Damita for a younger woman, that is not just not the truth!!
Isaac the ball is in your court & no longer in mine. I sincerely wish you the best but it’s time for us to be real if we’re gonna spread this Gospel. Anything other than that is unnecessary hypocrisy!! I don’t need an apology but your fans deserve an apology for the damage that have been caused by your actions!!
I truly apologize for the damage all this has & will cause the Gospel community & the church. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be part of such foolishness but I’m determined to never bring this kind of shame to the body of Christ again!!