Whitney Houston’s Sleaze Bag Brother Micheal Introduced Her To Crack In Oprah Interview–Find Out About Incest, Child Molestation, Abuse, & Drugs Being Common With The Houston Family–Learn Who Sold The Photo Of Whitney In The Casket To The Media & More!!! t

Posted on January 29, 2013


Shocking revelations come out in the Oprah interview with Cissy Houston and her sleaze bag son Micheal!
Bobby Brown has long been the person many blamed for introducing Whitney Houston to drugs. Now, almost a year after the legendary singer’s death, a man – who may have been the closest to Whitney – has stepped forward to accept that responsibility.

In his own words, Whitney’s brother – Michael Houston – explained to Oprah though ‘she [Whitney] would always tell me ‘don’t ever let anyone make you feel anyway. I’m a grown woman, and I’m gonna do what I want’, he still deals with the painful reality of being the person who introduced Whitney to crack/cocaine.

According to Michael Houston – who claims to be clean since October – he and Whitney first indulged in crack/cocaine in the 80′s. That was a time when Michael says the drug was far from being frowned upon, and was prevalent in the music business. He says it was also long before Whitney began dating Bobby Brown, and the effects of cocaine use was not yet publicly known.

Here’s what Michael Houston said to Oprah, after accepting the blame for making Whitney’s introduction to drugs:

“We were in our 20′s, we were young, on the road, we had money. It’s painful, ya know. I feel responsible for what I let go so far, ya know.

We were always, like I said, being together most of the time — and she following behind me, ya know, I told her to drive, we played together, ya know… and everything you’re doing together as you’re growing up — and then, when you get into drugs, you do that together too. And it just got out of hand, ya know, just…drugs is rough.”

Here’s what Cissy Houston penned in “Remembering Whitney”, in regards to discovering Whitney and Michael were using together:

“I was shocked, hurt and confused. I didn’t understand it then, and I still don’t.”

Today marks the release of Cissy Houston’s memoir “Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss and the Night the Music Stopped”.

Michael sold Whitney casket picture for dope, Cissy knew and protected him. He was jealous of Whitney and they he introduced it to her when she was a teen.

Why wait so long to tell the truth? Cissy made Michael do it, the only she’d get paid from her book.
Cissy shaded Bobby about his parenting but let’s Gary off the hook for his. Gary has no contact with his children nor did he pay child suppport. Gary is the one who was getting Whitney drugs in L.A when she died.


2. PinkKitty | January 29th, 2013 at 05:43

Is he the same brother who has been in and out of prison and allegedly molested Whitney while Cissy was busy on the road, and their father brutalized the kids?

Cissy needs to have a seat.


MeMyselfAndI Reply:

January 29th, 2013 at 07:43


Michael also molested Bobbi Kristina when she was nine years old and she contracted chlamydia. I can speak on this because I was a Child Protective Services Investigator at the time at Fulton County DFACS in Atlanta, Georgia. Blue Cross Blue Shield sent in a report of child abuse allegations after BK told one of the nurses that her uncle had molested her. This was when BK went to live with Cissy Houston in NJ. After that, is when BK went to live with that Low Down Dirty Hussy Pat and her crackhead husband, Gary. BK has went through so much and people have no idea. Cissy is the worst enabling parent. Rather than kick her son out for molesting her Granddaughter, she chose her son over BK even with evidence that the child had contracted and STD from her uncle at 9 years old!!!!! SMMFH!


Anonymous Reply:

January 29th, 2013 at 07:47

Thats hot tea……..ouch


Anonymous Reply:

January 29th, 2013 at 07:53

WOW! @ MeMyselfAndI, No wonder BK is the way she is. Has she ever had any kind of positive role models in her life?


MeMyselfAndI Reply:

January 29th, 2013 at 08:13

Apparently not! Whitney and company made our agency jump through hoops. We were unable to check on her well-being because the lawyers and Dirty Diana Pat Houston kept blocking our investigation. We ended up having to turn the case over to the Special Investigations unit and court action was being threatened. We had to talk to Whitney and company through the intercom system and were locked outside the gate. The elementary school in Alpharetta would not even allow us to talk to the child during school hours. She had to go for a psycho-sexual investigation. BK has been acting out sexually for a while. She is an abused child who had little to no direction in life. I don’t doubt that Cissy loves her. However, the fact that all of her children were/are/is strung out on dope just overwhelmed her. She really is a dear sweet woman but she protects her biological childrent to a fault. She is very soft-spoken and very meek. I have no doubt that Whitney’s dad was physically, emotionally, and financially abusive towards her. Plus, Cissy is so driven and she does feel cheated because of the success that Dionne Warwick had at the height of her career even though she indisputedly has the better voice. Dionne had the softer voice that mainstream (hence, White) America was more comfortable hearing coming from a Black woman.


Jane Kennedy Reply:

January 29th, 2013 at 08:40

That tea may have driven Whitney to the brink of no return.


3. Keepitrealnotkeepinitreal | January 29th, 2013 at 08:06

Thats why BK hates her father for allowing the incest and thought it okay to marry her brother.


MeMyselfAndI Reply:

January 29th, 2013 at 08:19

He did not protect her. In fact, during the entire investigation, he was no where to be found. When the agency was considering removal from the Houston family altogether, we could not get in touch with him to see if he had any family members who were fit and willing to take the child. I truly am speaking on this issue with first hand knowledge and not second hand.


4. MeMyselfAndI | January 29th, 2013 at 08:22

Speaking of incest, Curtis “Evil Scum of the Earth” Mayfield, also molested his oldest daughter. His wife, the child’s mother, agreed to place the child in foster care so that he would not have to be prosecuted. She was in foster care from age 11 to 18 which is when she aged out of care. This is the reason I do not listen to his music nor do I support anyone who samples his music. The child was also in custody of Fulton County DFACS!

Mr. Obnoxious has also heard rumors that Cissy is no saint! Although, she was known for singing Gospel Music she might not have been able to live it. The word is tat Cissy got pregnant by her brother-in-law, who later left her sister to take on a relationship with Cissy. It seems the family has been greatly dysfunctional for years. Incest, molestation, abuse, and drugs all hidden behind the beautiful talent.