Fire Baptized Holiness Church Of God Of The Americas Has Gone Broke–Members Want Bishop Patrick Frazier Out Due To Bankrupting The Church!!!

Posted on December 12, 2012


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God…According to a former pastor in the Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas some major things are going on that would cause more people to burn in the fiery pits of Hell rather than catch on fire with the Holy Ghost. A concerned person has reached out to Obnoxious Media to shed light on many of the alleged ills in the organization. So me of the Ruling Elders have a history of having children outside the marriage, bribery, hush money to keep individuals mouths closed, and allegedly the Presiding Bishop has taken a good bit of the money to fatten his own personal pockets.

The word is that a former female pastor in Kannapolis, North Carolina cleared the bank account of church just before she was removed as the pastor. Members still have not been able to recover the funds and the Bishop is said to have done nothing to help the congregation nor has the former pastor received any discipline other than having been removed from the North Carolina church.

The National Church is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina and has a school but they are barely reaching their operational budget on a monthly basis. The entire organization is said to be down to only $5,000 in the bank. No one knows what happen to the $23 million that was said to be in the national church’s account prior to the death of the Presiding Bishop William E. Fuller, Jr., who died in 2007. Fuller lead Fire Baptized from 1958 to his death 2007 and Bishop Patrick L. Frazier, Jr. was elected at the General Council.

Members of Fire Baptized seem to be very displeased with their Presiding Bishop Patrick L. Frazier, Jr. and his leadership or I should say the lack thereof due to his appointment of family members to several key positions to ensure his re-election at Fire Baptized General Council in 2014. Fire Baptized good snitches say that Frazier is killing the organization and they are afraid they will soon die out all together if he is not removed from office. At one time the church boasted of having over 1500 churches worldwide to now just 160 and it might be less that at the time of this post. Obnoxious Media reached out to Crystal Parks Lewis, who grew up in the organization and family members are in leadership, confirmed Fire Baptized is in serious trouble!

Read an e-mail sent to me by one a Fire Baptized insider below:

Good Morning Mr. McCray

I am a former member of the Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God of the Americas, and if I can quote you for a second “Everything is going down except the word of God”.

There are Ruling Elders who are sleeping with their Secretaries, Pastors who are having children outside of their marriage, bribery, hush money being passed around and of course a mismanagement of funds.

A former Pastor in Kannapolis, North Carolina withdrew money out of the local church bank after she was removed from the Pastorate of her church.

They operate a school in Greenville, SC on the headquarters property and they barely have enough money to pay the staff after having conventions in May, June, July, and August they are reported as having only $5,000.00 in the bank. The members want to know where is the money is going and no one is answering.

In 2007, their beloved Presiding Bishop, Bishop William E. Fuller, Jr., who presiding over the organization since 1958 went home to be with the Lord left the church in a great financial condition with having more that 23 million dollars in the bank.

The current Presiding Bishop, Bishop Patrick L. Frazier, Jr. Has been placing his family members in some key positions so he can be re-elected in the 2014 General Council. Promises has been made but none have kept, what once was a growing organization numbering well over 1500 churches and missions has dwindled down to 160 congregations.

Watch a clip of Bishop Frazier preaching Bishop Fuller’ Funeral below: