Terrell Owens Takes A Huge Loss On The Sell Of Another Property He Was Going To Loose!

Posted on November 26, 2012


The financial woes for Terrell Owens continue. This poor dude cannot get a break.
The former NFLer took a big hit on his Atlanta area condo, selling it for nearly half of what he paid for it, according to reports.
Owens, who apparently needs the money, has been selling off what’s left of his real-estate portfolio right and left: both his Miami and Dallas condos were already sold, and now he’s finally unloaded his 1,060 square-foot Atlanta crib.
However, if you do the math, it’s not a good deal for once great wide receiver. He bought in 2005 for $324,600 and then listed it in 2011, where it sat on the market for over a year. He finally unloaded it earlier this month for a mere $180k.
Obviously the new owner made out like a fat rat in a barrell of cheese. The condo comes with 2-bedrooms, 2-baths as well as 24/7 concierge service, rooftop pool, fitness center, yoga studio and a club room — with Xbox & Playstation.