Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) List Of Men To Be Consecrated As Bishop During The 105th Holy Convocation!

Posted on November 6, 2012


Well, as you may shave guessed the 105th Holy Convocation officially opens tomorrow morning. However, a good number of the Saints have already touched down in St. Louis, I wanted to share with you the list of the men that will be consecrated as Bishop in this meeting. Forgive me for not posting the list back when they went to Memphis last month for the Church Of God In Christ Bishop’s Class. Below is the list and the class officers, hands will be laid on them Sunday and it will be official.

James Atterberry –Aux. Bishop Columbia
Adam Edwards–Aux. Bishop Brazil
Terrence Rhone –Jurs. Bishop Brazil
Edwin Bass –Aux Bishop Eastern Misouri
William Harper-Aux Bishop Eastern Missouri
Leon Smith -Aux Bishop Nevada /Pending Jurisdiction
William Wright–Juris Bishop Tennessee Southwest
William Watson-Juris Bishop Texas NW
Reggie Williams–Aux Bishop Texas NE
J. L’Keith Jones –Aux Bishop New Mexico/Pending Jurisdiction
Joe Mason –Juris Ark 3rd
Joe Shannon–Nebraska Eastern
Wilbur Daniels -Aux Bishop VA 2nd
Leroy Johnson-Aux Bishop Iowa
Wilie Robinson-Aux Bishop NY
Otis McCormick-Aux Bishop Alaska
Gary Hall-Juris Bishop Florida 1st
Hillmon Moses–Juris South Jersey
Jesse Wilson-Hawaii Juris
John Barton –Aux Wisconsin SE 1st
Cephus McGee–Aux NY Central
Hersey Taylor–Aux New Jersey 3rd
Andrew Willis–Aux Bishop Pennsylvania Commonwealth

Class Officers:
Bishop Edwin Bass-President
Bishop Keith Jones-Vice President
Bishop Bill Watson -Secretary