Bishop George Bloomer Comes Out Of The Closet On The Word Network!!!

Posted on November 1, 2012


Bishop George Bloomer Comes Out Of The Closet On The Word Network!!!

Recently a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee sent me a clip of Bishop Bloomer’s show “Rejoice In The Word” that appears on The Word Network. Due to receiving a thousand plus e-mails daily it is almost impossible to get to them all even with the help of an assistant. However, I was sent this several times to all my e-mail accounts and on both of my Facebook accounts. Finally when it seemed that things slowed down one day last week after my radio show I watched the clip and it left me speechless. Bishop Bloomer has come out of the closet is all I could think after watching the clip several times. I could not believe what I was hearing him discuss and for the first time a Pentecostal preacher was having an open minded discussion about homosexuality.

Please note it was only about a year ago I became aware of Bishop George Bloomer after sharing in a post to my blog that he was in fact the person strongly being considered to take over New Birth Missionary Baptist Church due to Bishop Trick Daddy Eddie Long being caught in a sexual scandal with five young men. After mentioning his name my Street Committee quickly shared with me a number of things about this Man of God that deserved my attention and to be mentioned in my blog. Bishop Bloomer came on my radio show and he invited me on “Rejoice In The Word.” Each time we had very candid conversations, but I had not seem him like you will in the clip below.

According to the clip Bishop Bloomer states that he is not only the host of “Rejoice In The Word,” but he is also a columnist for Ebony/Jet Magazines and he was asked to address in his column the question if Homosexuals will go to Heaven. Facing the daunting task he decided to approach the difficult topic first with his church in a bible study setting. After searching the scriptures he took the easy way out because according to him he could not find the Holy Bible saying something about the issue that it does not say on the subject of Homosexuality. His response to the topic is amazing to me since he seemed rather clear in the interview he did with me that Homosexuals could not go to heaven, were not saved, and even attempted to discredit me and a post I wrote on my blog exposing a lawsuit filed against him.

In this clip he states that gays have a great anointing on their lives and write music and do things that contribute greatly to the Body of Christ and the worship experience. Which makes me wonder where did he get that idea due to almost repeating what I stated to him almost a year prior. If the church was full of Homosexual or Heterosexuals, he and Cindy Trimm say that it is not a matter of gay or straight it is issue of no fornication. The two say that it is a difference between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is about empowerment and not about sexuality. The two argue that an empowered person will make good decisions that will not contribute to a negative outcome later on in their life. Thus, if you are not having sex with a large number of people or outside of a committed relationship such as marriage you are not an empowered person, not matter if you are gay or straight. Seems that George Bloomer might be adopting and theology of Inclusion based upon this show. Watch the clip for yourself and find out what you take from it. More and more the Black Church is going to have to deal with the topic of Homosexuality and Bishop Bloomer might just be right or he could be wrong, but at least he is having the discussion. So yes he did come out of the closet by beginning to talk about a subject that most do not want to address unless they a bashing.