Black Gay Church Opening In Cincinnati-Pastor Mike Heard And First Gentleman Leigh Set To Start The Good Life Church!

Posted on October 15, 2012


This is the flyer for a new church in Cincinnati, Ohio. The note on the flyer reads as follows: You cannot pour new wine into old wine skins. Pastor Mike W Heard and First Gentleman Leigh finally come to Cincinnati to build a church! Are you ready for newness and goodness?
Well, if you agree or not, like it or not black men are rising up all over the country and getting married and even pastoring churches. For most this is going to be a bitter pill to sallow, but just like good medicine it going to taste bad, but it is good for you. Taking on a similar approach to ministry as Bishop O.C. Allen and First Gentleman Rashad of the Vision Church Of Atlanta. Marriage, family, and even church is being redefined right before our very eyes. Now my problem is not so much the obvious that it is two men, but the casual dress and the earrings. It does not speak to your spirit man and is a better photo for an invitation to a party or special event and not to church. Cincinnati better get ready and the rest of the nation because it is not telling who or where will be next.
Just last week I posted a clip of the Gay Kappa Wedding and less than four days later I have been made aware of this new church. Amazing that in a day when racism is alive and well like never before we see a new revelation. Secondly, it seems that gay men are stepping up in the strangest of places; Lexington for the Gay Kappa Wedding and now Cincinnati for a new black gay church. Atlanta is the deep South and heart of the Bible Belt and the home for a large number of gay black men. In Atlanta it is common for men to approach other men as it is for them to approach women. The world is changing and weather you like it or not no one cares, but you will have to accept it and respect it. WOW!