Meet The Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Jurisdictional Bishop Running For The General Board That Has A Baby On The Way And It Is Not By His Wife–The Good Bishop Offered To Pay For The Abortion But The Woman Will Not Let Him Off That Easy–The Women Is Due To Have The Baby During The Holy Convocation!!!

Posted on September 6, 2012


It is amazing that a COGIC Bishop would want to pay for a woman to have an abortion and be a leader in a Holiness Church. Last I checked abortion is murder. How can this man run for the General Board with something like this hanging over his head and be foolish enough not to make some type of arrangements with the woman that is with child? There are only two meetings prior to the Holy Convocation so she is going to have to move fast if she plans to get something done.

Speaking of the 2012 election in the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) it is getting tougher day by day and you would be shocked to read some of the letters that have been sent to me about a number of the men running for office. Letters claming men have stolen money, had children outside of their marriages, all the way to being drug addicts, and drunks and I will share it with you soon and very soon so you and can make a wise decision when you vote during the meeting of the General Assembly during the Holy Convocation this November

It seems that election in November will be just a ugly as the run for the White House. Mr. Obnoxious would like the exclusive interview with this poor woman that has been obviously taken advantage of and he needs to be exposed prior to his possibly getting elected to the Presidium of the church. Keep your eyes posted to my blog for the big reveal. Now read her e-mail to me below:

I could easily cause problems if i really want to for a bishop that is campaigning for general board member. I really could make things bad although exciting for Mr. Obnoxious to blow this thing up. Since this person refuse to communicate with me, i’ll just give him 30 days from today on this blog to reach out to me and his baby that im carrying that will be born in Novemeber 2012. Since he cut off communications, since he refuses my telephone calls, I haven’t tried to wreck his home, but he simply just refuse to communicate when i so discreetly attempt to communicate. He gaved me $1000 to have an abortion. I refused his offer and used the money as a deposite for an apartment just outside detroit, michigan. Im trying not to embarrass him or bring him down. but i will expose who he is in 30 days from today if he doesn’t reach out to me. Yes, im going play the game since these bishops do all the time. I will say who he is if he doesn’t call me. I will and will journey to the holy convocation in Missouri and mess up every service i can until he reaches out to me and promise to take care of me and my baby. This blog is just the start i need. I have already draft letters but have not sent them out on the count that im waiting for him to reach out to me. Im sorry that i had to blog this because i was so stupid into giving up my virginity to a smoothe talking bishop he was to me that night in a service. I will write Bishop blake and the powers that be if he doesn’t respond back to me.
I know you are in shock just like me, but I guess we will have to wait on the edge of our seats until she reveals herself if I, Mr. Obnoxious does not find out who she if first. Stay tune for this smoking hot exclusive!!!

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