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Posted on July 23, 2012


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Washington DC has nothing on the political climate in the Church of God In Christ (COGIC) right now. As each day draws closer to the Holy Convocation in St. Louis this November the race for the three empty seats on the General Board is heating up! Plus it is it is a great possibility that some men may be coming off. The word among the Saints is that it is more like five seats that can be considered to be open on the board. According to members of Mr. Obnoxious’ Street Committee it went down Saturday at Bishop Cody Marshall’s Freedom Temple Church of God In Christ. It was said that the church was packed with over 600 people, a large number of Elders, which is the largest voting constituency in the church. However, Chicago came out in a big way and looked like small meeting if the COGIC General Assembly.

Bishop Phillip A. Brooks, First Assistant Presiding Bishop and Incumbent spoke on his years in ministry and service to the church. The word is that Bishop Sedgwick Daniels; an incumbent did an amazing job during his remarks. Doing what he does best, Daniels preached, “Is There Anything To Hard For God?” As he closed he answered his own question by belting out NOTHINHG! Additionally, you can follow him home and see he is a proven leader. Next standout and candidate was Bishop J. Drew Sheard, who is said to be a sure in, did a great job with his remarks. With great popularity as the Chairman of the Church’s Auxiliaries In Ministry Convention (AIM) it is said that Drew will walk on to the board just as his predecessor Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin. Sheard was a solo act on Saturday, yet held his own. Bishop Brandon Porter is the next stand out candidate who’s remarks was said to be profound. According to Porter there needs to be a representative on the General Board that lives in the city where the church was founded and World Headquarters is located. Porter has proven to have great support in the church and has been elected to the Trustee Board three times and served twelve years.

Saturday provided some surprises by some candidates that are serious contenders for the great office. According to the Obnoxious Street Committee Bishop Lawrence Wooten came with about fifty people from his jurisdiction in St. Louis, where the Holy Convocation has moved. Bishop Dwight Green is said to have spoke well and has great chance at claming his father’s seat. “You need a BMW! Not a car. Not a Black Man Working, but Bishop Matthew Williams,” finally having adjusted well to his appointed position as Adjutant General. It seems he feels that since he is around the General Board all the time he should be on the board. Finally, Bishop Ted Thomas is said to have been impressive as well.

Now it is time to give you the word on the men that either flopped or remarks just did not go over well. The good thing is they have a few more opportunities to WOW the people and make up for missing the mark on this past Saturday. Bishop Hardy is said to have appeared nervous and disconnected. Insiders say he seemed to have been rambling and no one knew what he was talking about when he spoke. Bishop Prince Bryant said he has his own vision, but did not make it clear to the Saints what that vision might be for the board. Bishop George Adebanjo is running on the same platform that he used four years ago that he would like to be the first bishop from abroad to have a seat on the General Board. Bishop William T. Cahoon merely stated he has been elected to the Trustee Board for 7 terms and not it time for him to be elected to the General Board as if that is a good reason. However, no one got the Saints chattering and tongues wagging like Bishop Rufus Kyles from Houston, Texas when he said “I am a Kyles, but I am not full of Bull!” Mr. Obnoxious for once in his life has no comment about that statement.

The men that were persona non gratta on Saturday are the following:

Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. schedule would not allow him to attend, but he was represented by the COO of the church, Elder James Smith, who it said to have been remarkable on behalf of the bishop.

Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin, Second Assistant Presiding Bishop and Incumbent was not in attendance not did he have representation.

Bishop Nathaniel W. Wells, Incumbent was not in attendance, but was represented by Supt. Dennis McMillan and men from Ohio. It is rumored that if he gets his seat back on the General Board he will run against Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. for Presiding Bishop. This is the second time Mr. Obnoxious has no comment.

Bishop Roy L. H. Windbush, Incumbent was not in attendance, but sent is son-in-law Bishop Gatlin to represent him.

Bishop J. Neaul Haynes, Incumbent was not in attendance and had not representation.

Bishop George D. McKinney, Incumbent was not in attendance nor did he have representation.

Bishop Frank O. White, Incumbent was not in attendance do to an issue with his flight.

Bishop Bobby Henderson was not in attendance nor did he have representation.

There are six empty seats on the 15 member COGIC Board of Trustees and the ones fighting to reclaim their seats were present but not permitted to speak at the rally that started at 10 am and was not over until after 2:00 in the afternoon. The following current trustees were in Chicago on Saturday:

Carrie Barnes, Incumbent that will have to work hard to reclaim her seat and over come a number of issues at her home church Williams Chapel in Houston. Elder Joseph Chase, Incumbent was in attendance. It seems he passed his appeal with the church’s screening committee and has been able to explain all of his legal issues and permitted to run. Sylvia H. Law, Incumbent was present. Mildred Linzy, Incumbent was present. Elder Josephus Shepherd and Elder Dwight E. Walls, Sr. were also present. Elder Dickerson Wells, who is currently a member of the Trustee Board was in attendance campaigning for the office of General Secretary, which he has not been cleared by the church’s screening committee to run for that office. As many may recall Wells held the General Assembly hostage while he attempted to argue on the floor why he should have been given an opportunity to have an appeal with the screening committee. It has been a great deal of whispers about the reasons why Dickerson Wells has not been cleared, but nothing official has been said by the National Church. It seems that he is going to push the issue until the reasons are going to have to be exposed.

Mr. Obnoxious will give you more information on who you should vote for as it get closer to the Holy Convocation!

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