The Game Takes To Twitter To Explain Why He Got Cold Feet– It Seems That The Game Might Have A Great Deal More In Common With Frank Ocean Than Just Rap!!!

Posted on July 21, 2012


The Game recently made the shocking announcement that he and fiance’ Tiffney Caimbridge were calling off their wedding.
So what is the problem? What could have possibly happened to create this sudden change of heart?
Point your finger at The Game. He took to Twitter to explain what was up. In end however, as far as we’re concerned, all he did was say it was all his fault, but of course he didn’t provide any real insight as to what’s really going on.
Here are his Tweets (sorry for the n-word, but that’s on The Game).
Mr. Obnoxious wonders if The Game’s abruptly calling off his wedding is due to his having something e needs to tell the world like he might e a PJD (Pineapple Juice Drinker Mr. Obnoxious phrase for on the Down Low). What else could make a man that already as two children by a beautiful woman put himself and her through this level of shame and embarrassment? All of the signs and rumors have been surrounding The Game for sometime now. It seems so unfair to Tiffney to have been publicly humiliated. Sources close to Tiffney say she is doing as well as could be expected during a time like this and relying heavily on her faith to get through this difficult time. However, it seems that not only the wedding was called off but it is fair to say that they are no longer a couple at this time. The Game is free to come out of the closet because everyone thinks it anyway due to his questionable past and the rumors tat before he entered the rap game that his own mother might have introduced him to the world of adult entertainment and escorting, at least that is what Mr. Obnoxious has been told by several sources close to The Game.
To be continued…