Sunday’s Best Contestant Danetra Moore Is Rumored To Be Having An Affair With Fellow Gospel Singer Monica Lisa Stevenson’s Husband Derrick Stevenson!!!

Posted on July 9, 2012


Danetra Moore, Sunday Best contestant
Well, the new season of BET’s Sunday’s Best started tonight and Mr. Obnoxious was made aware of some very interesting information about one of the contestants on season 5, it seems that Danetra Moore, formerly Danetra Jackson has some talents far beyond her singing ability. According to a close friend Danetra is having an affair with the husband of a friend and mentor, Monica Lisa Stevenson. Derrick is younger than his wife and is also in the Gospel Music industry as a producer. However, it seems he is having a good time producing some good hot sex with Danetra right under Monica’s nose. A member of the Obnoxious Street Committee has informed us of the rumor that is on the lips of a number of Gospel Music insiders in Atlanta!
Now read the e-mails sent to Mr. Obnoxious by a good Gospel Music snitch:
some developing news….

so Danetra Moore, Sunday Best contestant, exwife of singer James Jackson & Atlanta praise….. alledgedly been having an affair with Monica lisa Stevenson husband, derrick stevenson & she is suppose to be a sister & friend to them but sleeping with the husband, & they were doing it right under monica lisa nose……this was just leaked
I’ll see if my inside connection will give up any more info…You know Sunday best started tonight & Danetra Moore is on there!!! Not sure right now of any other details except I noticed she is not either of their friend list on Facebook or twitter & she is suppose to be on their label….so its some truth somewhere, bc she did the Bobby Jones Gospel with Monica Lisa last year & is or was family friend to them
Danetra is currently on tour out of the country with Ledisi, who preformed at Essence Festival tonight.

James Jackson of Atlanta Praise

Monica lisa Stevenson

Derrick Stevenson and family