Stacy Francis Confessed Bishop Noel Jones Is The Father Of Her Bastard Child Was In Atlanta Fighting At A Nightclub With The Baby–Photos Of Bishop Noel Jones Baby Inside–Read Twitter Messages That Prove The Baby Was In The Club And There Was A Fight!

Posted on June 23, 2012


Last week Ray-J was in Atlanta filming a recurring role on Rickey Smiley’s new TVOne Sitcom, but how coincidental is it that Stacy Francis is in town as well?
Stacy Francis, who appeared on “X Factor,” she’s the woman who reportedly fought over Ray-J in an L.A. Club with deceased singer Whitney Houston and the mother of a bastard child that Bishop Noel Jones is rumored to have fathered. She must be a really ghetto woman because the word is she fought in a club in Atlanta just last week.

Apparently the “fight” that occurred at that L.A. Club earlier this year isn’t much of an unusual occurrence for Francis, the whore who was married to one man while sexing her martial counselor and getting pregnant. She was recently spotted throwing blows in Atlanta during birthday bash weekend with her toddler daughter by her side…. at midnight! The very child that Bishop Noel Jones is rumored to be the father of, who is named after him.
Below is a Twitter exchange that proves Stacy was in Atlanta behaving badly.

It’s definitely NOT a good look to have your 2 year old out at midnight… it looks even worse when you decide to fight a chick because she says so!
Details below…

Stacy Francis was scheduled to appear at The Green Room in Atlanta Saturday evening from 7 – 8:30 to host a “Master Class” for aspiring entertainers hoping to break into Reality competitions.
There was also a scheduled “open mic” night to follow.
For those of you who don’t know, The Green Room is located in a known party district in Atlanta that consists of Frank Ski’s restaurant and a few other smaller venues like The GreenRoom.
Francis was spotted still chilling in the area well after midnight with her 2 year old daughter, Anastasia Noel Jones, by her side and was given the side-eye by several partygoers in the area.
A woman made a statement to Francis about having her child out that time of night and apparently reports vary, but Stacy claims the woman attempted to take a photo of her child “as proof”.
While I have no idea if a photo actually was taken, several sources confronted that Stacy confronted the woman yelling that she better delete the photo “RIGHT NOW”… many say that the woman had no clue what she was talking about and Stacy tried to snatch her phone away.
That’s when all hell broke loose! Blows were thrown and Stacy Francis’ began to swing at the woman while her young daughter was left crying and distraught standing by.
Bishop Noel Jones little girl revealed

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A Tweet was sent to Stacy asking, "Why is it that everywhere Stacy goes trouble follows and she responded with the following explanation about the events of the evening:

And considering Stacy Francis’ child’s father is rumored to be Bishop Noel Jones, One would think she would be a bit more mindful of her actions.