Bishop Noel Jones Releases A Statement Addressing Rumors That He Fathered A Bastard Child By X-Factor’s Stacy Francis!

Posted on June 22, 2012


Bishop Noel Jones responds to the rumors that he is the fathered a bastard child by X-Factor’s Stacy Francis.
Read the following statement he sent out on Twitter just two hours ago:

This is Bishop Noel Jones. Please focus with me on the positive efforts we expend daily towards improving people’s lives, including the provision of food & clothing to tens of thousands of people, in sharing the Gospel and in doing God’s work around the world. Rumors and innuendo, to the extent they attract attention, may further assist us in exposing more people, causing them to join Gideon’s Army and one another in making the world a better place.


Bishop Noel Jones

Seems like he is admitting that the rumors are true and he wants the world to focus on the good that he as not and not his being a whore-monger. Bishop likes the ladies and he is a single man, but this is extremely disappointing and will greatly affect the Body of Christ.
It is with tear filled eyes that I write this post to my blog because arguably the greatest postulator of the Gospel n this present age allowed himself to fall into sin and if that was not enough he lied and attempted to cover it up. I know this cannot be Noel Jones, but unfortunately it is rumored to be the reality.