Rev. Frank Ray Wants To Divorce Wife That Got Beat Up During Communion Service By His Hoe–Frank Had His Wife’s BMW Repossessed–He Is Ordering Her To Pay Him Alimony Even In The Event Of Death–Deborah Ray Called Police To Report Frank Ray Tried To Run Her Over In His $150,000 Bentley!!!

Posted on June 6, 2012


In this business it is not often time permits for me to go back and update you on a number of stories that I have covered. However, it is times when you have to stay up all night to share with you up to date details on things that have already been reported that you would love the details. Now I know I am going to get a number of my haters making comments about some grammatical error due to my being up late night writing, but to my critics I say be damned!

Not long ago Mr. Obnoxious reported that a fight broke out at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee on a Sunday during Communion Service! The members where said to have watched the two women go at in right in the middle of service to the point that Memphis Police had to be called out to the church.

The Police launched an investigation into the brawl, the word was then and still is that the two women fighting are each very close the pastor of the church, Rev. Frank Ray. You got it right the first lady and the Ray’s latest whore had a complete knock out drag out fight right in the sanctuary during service. Rumor has it that Deborah’s sister jumped in the fight when the daughter of Ray’s jump-off’s daughter jumped in and was getting the best of Deborah Ray.

Now by the time the cops arrived Deborah is said to have had swollen and bloodshot eyes, cuts on their necks and chest, and other minor injuries. Right in the church, but the sad part is this type of behavior is nothing new at New Salem. It seems that Ray is a known womanizer and has brought a great deal of drama to his congregation in times past. According to snitches at New Salem Rev. Ray’s liking the ladies had never brought this level of embarrassment to him or the church before, but he seems to have gotten sloppy in his old age or he no longer has his hoes under control.

A number of preachers close to Frank Ray have gladly shared with Mr. Obnoxious that Ray found Debora working a pole in Club Nikki in Atlanta, Georgia where she was a stripper. Against the advice of a number of his friends he married the hoe that stole his heart and began a campaign to make he a well accepted first lady.

Frank Ray was said to have been in Chicago preaching when the fight went down, but he sent word to Memphis to get Deborah out of his house before he got back to the City of Memphis. Recently while on a trip to Memphis, Mr. Obnoxious just so happen to meet a person that worked at the well known Memphis BMW dealership, which is the same exact dealership where Frank Ray purchased his wife’s 700 series BMW and was their when Ray called and ordered for them to repossess his wife’s car. Now it was not something that he wanted to broadcast, but he has been living separately from Deborah and they are headed to divorce court and it is clear that he is now with the hoe that jumped Deborah with he daughter. According to divorce papers Frank Ray is living in his church. It seems that after that old fashioned butt whipping Mrs. Ray got in front of the church it was not enough because she still lost he old man and car. Seems that she will soon be selling all the hats and St. John suits she would squeeze down in—that were clearly two sizes to small.

However, Deborah is not going down without a fight! Frank Ray has been forced to live at the church according to the divorce papers that were filled in April. The two have been married for eight years.

Many people said that Mr. Obnoxious was actually lying and that Deborah was not involved in a fight. It was difficult to prove because the arrest records of three women that were involved in the fight were sealed. The old saying is so true that everything done in the dark comes to the light and that is just what has happen in this case.

Again, Mr. Obnoxious was right! According to the divorce papers filed by Frank Ray, his soon to be ex-wife brought several family members to New Salem to purposely start a fight, which happened back on December 4, 2011.

Frank Ray got national attention when he married his ally cat wife Deborah with their elaborate wedding in 2004, featuring a wedding party dressed in black leather, which came on the heels of Frank Ray’s divorce from another wife. Ray says that Deborah threatened to destroy the church after she was removed as leader of two ministries.

An interesting point to be noted in the divorce papers is that Frank Ray is seeking an injunction to keep Deborah Ray away from the church and to give him exclusive use of their Eads home. Plus he is asking for rehabilitative, transitional, and permanent alimony, a lien imposed on property to ensure Deborah pays his alimony. He also wants the court to order her to get a life insurance police to insure his alimony is paid in the event of her death (makes you wonder is her life in danger). Back in May of this year Deborah called the authorities on Frank Ray for trying to run her over in his $150,000 Bentley at their home. The word is the estranged couple got in to a fight about Deborah drivng the car while he was out of town preaching. Frank Ray was featured on the Gospel CD in Tribute to the late Bishop Gilbert Patterson, former Presiding Bishop of the Church Of God In Christand Senior Pastor Of Temple of Deliverance COGIC.