More On Earnest Pugh–Guy Claims The Gospel Singer Wanted Him Perform Oral Sex On Him–Plus Find Out Earnest Asked The Guy For Letting Him Take A Picture Of Him!

Posted on June 4, 2012


The news just keeps pouring in on Earnest Pugh @earnestpugh. The latest e-mail for one of my good messy “Obnoxious Street Committee” Members about a personal encounter that Earnest really wanted to get very physical. It seems that the Gospel Singer wanted to meet and have some fun with a Chubby fan.
Earnest Pugh’s @earnestpugh record label owner Kerry Douglass @mrkerrydouglas called mr, Mr. Obnoxious @williamgmccray to inform me that he never paid any radio stations to play Earnest’s @earnestpugh music as suggested in my last blog post on the over sexed out of control Gospel Singer. According to Kerry Earnest @earnestpugh is a low down dirty Faggot that used him to get his music out and then started his own company without even informing him. This guy has got to be really low down for Kerry Douglass to think he is bad, everyone knows Kerry is a sleaze-bag! At least that is the alleged outlook on the street about Kerry.

Now get to reading my e-mail where a fan claims Earnest @earnestpugh asked him to perform oral sex on him:
I just read your article on Earnest Pugh and I’m not shocked one bit. I had the “pleasure” of meeting Earnest a few months back at a very popular Gospel Show that airs on tv. By coincidence we were also staying in the same hotel that weekend. I ran into Earnest in the lobby so I asked if I could take a picture. Of course he gladly said yes. I’m kinda on the thick built side so as a joke I said well let me suck in this stomach first. Being the feisty man that he is commented “oh there’s nothing wrong with suckling”. I laughed it off and walked away. As I was walking away he said you may can suck in that stomach but you can’t suck in all that you got in the back. I was so shocked. We still exchange contact information. Later on that evening I shot him a simple text to to say “hey wassup”. Earnest response was “my 10″ is wassup”. That was the last conversation we had. I cut all contact after that.