Check Out Co-Pastor Taketa Williams Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos Right NOW–Behold This New Creature That Her Doctor Made Her–Skin Bleaching, Nose Job, And More Makes Her Look Just Like Rapper Trina!!!

Posted on May 24, 2012




Everything Is Going Down but The Word Of God… Now we all know and agree that sex sells and it seems that sex sells The Word as well. If you are fat, dark, and not so attractive then you may not excel as fast in the ministry at least Taketa Williams does not think so due to her recent transformation. According to one of the good messy members of the Obnoxious Street Committee that sent an e-mail tip below and this good Snitch sent photos to backup their claims. Now based on the photos alone Taketa has done more than loose weight, she have bleached her skin, and got a glamorous weave. This woman has gone under the knife and had some serious plastic surgery to look like she does now.
Read the following e-mail to Mr. Obnoxious:
Let me start by saying that I love your blogs and I pray that you keep going and that one day it opens up to a TV Show. Ok on to the task at hand. I am email you about Taketa Williams or as her follwing call her prophetess. A few years ago I was home on a saturday and I popped over to the Word Network and I see this fire packed woman dark brown woman preaching. I was like she is in her element right here. And I will never forget she was preaching about loving the way God made you and not try to change the way the king made you. So last year I had other weekend off and I head to the word network and I see there is a Latina woman who looks like Karen Clark Sheard in the time slot then I hit info and see that no that is not a new woman that is Taketa Williams . She had totally bleached her skin. She look like she was born a redbone. I would like to see if you could please find out why she did it and if she is still try to tell people to love the way God made them but yet she hates her self. I am also adding some photos so you can see what I mean. If there is anything else I can add please let me know. Currently, she co-pastors United Ministries Church in Columbus, Ohio and Jacksonville, Florida alongside her husband, Apostle Roderick A. Williams

Well, they must have that offering plate going around right down their in Florida because she paid a hunk and a chunk to get that new look she has now. Seems she looks more like whore or the Rapper Trina than a so called Woman of God, that could not even tell me to walk across the street let alone something God has said! These before and after photos have Mr. Obnoxious screaming!

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Talking about the redefined you? How about the new bought you!

She looks just like Trina here!