Evangelist Maria Gardner Gets Married!

Posted on May 8, 2012


Evangelist Maria Gardner gets married! You got it right, the Former Elect Lady of the Church Of God In Christ married Bishop Langston of San Francisco, California. The word is that she has given up her church in Philadelphia were her ex-husband is yet a member. Gardner’s last husband, Mr. Thomas is more than tacky to have gotten one of his ex-wife’s adjutants pregnant and refused to leave the church. According to the Street Committee Mr. Thomas’ family has been a pilar in Oakley Temple, in spite of his sinful ways. However, all is well that ends well! Maria Gardner has found love again in a mature man, who far more capable of loving and supporting her in this phase of life. Trifling Mr. Thomas is yet at the church playing the organ every Sunday and is either a trustee or church administrator. If he had shamed my mother like Tomas did Maria he would have known not to show his face at the church my mother pastored nor bring his bastard baby. However Maria has a very happy ending to a difficult past few years.

Read an e-mail that was just sent to Mr. Obnoxious that gives more details:
Wow!!!!! I didn’t know this. Her new husband is Bishop W.W. Hamilton’s brother n law. In the 80’s he took over Bishop W.W. Hamilton’s father’s church. General Board Bishop E.E. Hamilton. “Hamilton Memorial”…. Bishop James Langston has a daughter by the name of Yvette A. Flunder, she is a gay minister that has a church in the city called the FELLOWSHIP Church…Gays and Lesbians are the congregation and she is the Presiding Bishop of her organization.