Alpha Phi Alpha Has Removed Herman “Skip” Mason As General President And Kicked Him Out Of The Fraternity!

Posted on April 26, 2012


OMG! Mr. Obnoxious was out having a late lunch when a call came in from a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The caller informed me “Skip Mason has been suspended from the fraternity and removed as General President!”
About a week ago a member of the historical Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, the First Black Fraternity founded in 1906 at Cornell University, contacted me regarding information concerning General President Herman “Skip” Mason. After great thought and careful consideration I moved forward with the breaking news story – knowing my personal intentions are clear; simply report the news.
In breaking the news, I reported and posted Dr. Parks letter titled “What’s Going On In The House of Alpha.”
Since the story broke last night, calls and emails have come in from all over the nation, it seems the story has garnered a lot of interest and has been disseminated far and wide on various social media sites.

It has come to our understanding that the Alpha Phi Alpha Board of Directors has been forced to take action. Allegedly, not only has the fraternity fined “Skip” Mason, but has removed him as General President along with suspended him as a member from the fraternity. According to known history regarding Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, this is the first time in the 105 year history that such action has happened.

It should be noted, in all fairness “Skip” Mason can file an appeal with the Grievance and Discipline Committee of the Fraternity at the next national convention in 2013 to challenge the reasons for his suspension, so this whole situation may be very far from over.

Aaron Crutison the Western Region Vice-President steps in as the interim General President till the next election is held.