Is Ghetto Jamie Foxx Gay? Former Co-star Garcelle Beauvais Says He Would Never Get Up During Sex On Their TV Show–It Has Been Rumored For Years That He Is A PJD!!

Posted on April 5, 2012


Jamie Foxx’s one-time TV lover Garcelle Beauvais got really personal about her leading men during an appearance on talk show “Hollywood Girls Night.”

Revealing that all her leading men get aroused during sex scenes, Beauvais – who played Francesca “Fancy” Monroe on ‘The Jamie Foxx Show” over a decade ago – admits that Jamie Foxx was the one exception.

The actress said outright that he was not aroused during their romantic scenes.

“He couldn’t get up,” she said. “Well he got up, but he couldn’t get up.”

Giggling with show hosts Alison Sweeney and Ali Landry, the actress added, “He is going to kill me!”

Beauvais also admitted she has no problems when her leading men get turned on during intimate scenes, explaining, “You’re human, so you’re gonna get aroused.”

“Hollywood Girls Night,” where hosts Alison and Ali drink and dish with their guests, airs on the TV Guide Network this Sunday at 9 p.m.

Clearly she knew that she was going to make people walk away thinking that Jamie is gay.  Mr. Obnoxious has heard for years that Jamie is a PJD (Pineapple Juice Drinker, Mr. Obnoxious word for on the Down Low) and it has even got him in some trouble a few times. 

Do you recall when Jamie had to get a team of lawyers to pay off the people that were going to release some photos of him naked having sex.  Well, why would a man have to pay a Hunk and a Chunk of money if it was of him and a woman.  After all Jamie is single.  Not to mention that about two years ago when Jamie had his album release party it was for family and friends.  Well, Mr. Obnoxious attended the event in LA and it was for the “Family” alright–which is a long time phrase that means gay.  It seems that Jamie is a PJD for sure!